Monday, November 28, 2005

Results Are In!

And here are the results of the "Vote For the Next JLA" poll!

The League that you made:

Seven member team:
Martian Manhunter
Flash -Wally West
Wonder Woman -Diana
Green Arrow -Oliver Queen

Nine member team:
Red Tornado
Green Lantern -John Stewart

Rest of the top twelve:
Booster Gold

Thanks to everyone who participated. And hopefully the DC brass took notice of the votes, as well.

Now we just gotta sit back and see what team does rise out of the ashes of Infinite Crisis.


Psychbloke said...

No Batman - cool...he's no good at team games....

Why don't they rotate leadership like the presidency of the European Union?

Republic of Replicants said...

I've always liked having a large team and then focusing on a few members in each story.

Batman didn't quite make it into the top twelve, and Superman did just barely.

Psychbloke said...

Just goes to show how much DC overuses them......