Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005: A Replicant's Recap - Part One


We started the year off on a tragic note as Will Eisner passed away.

While Jennifer Garner wowed us in Alias, Elektra made us wish someone else wrote it.

Christopher Mills' superb web-comic strip, Gravedigger, got reprinted (or rather, printed) in comic form.

Replicant #1 revealed his true identity to the world.

Frank Cho learned that having a big name means he can do some pretty risque stuff in a Marvel comic. The resulting controversy and publicity created by the stunt would lead to such things as Tony Harris' nude Conan cover for Dark Horse Comics later in the year.

My first article, "The Doom Patrol: The Original Hard-Luck Heroes", was printed in DCU #1, a fanzine focusing mostly on the silver age of DC. Actually published around the end of 2004, I had just discovered that it was actually printed.

I really started to get into comic strips, which would eventually lead me to subscribe to Comics Revue.


I read some pulp stories and learned how to talk to a dame.

I rambled about my fascination with wuxia and Hong Kong cinema.

Keeping with the obscure genre weirdness, I conveyed my love for B-films and schlock.

Marvel's updated rating system got a good look-over.

And we began keeping track of comic God Grant Morrison's new baby, Seven Soldiers of Victory. It was a breath of fresh air for me as my monthly comics list was dwindling at the start of the year.
The review would become the first of several comic indexes focusing on the comics I read.

I posted a review of 100 Bullets and tried to turn more people on to this awesome series.


John Travolta and Uma Thurman sashayed across the screen trying to re-ignite their Pulp Fiction chemistry, while the Rock showed us his soft side and spanked his ass in Be Cool.

In a search for new music, I discovered Arcade Fire.

Funky Winkerbean took on comic shop legal issues.

The Israeli Defense Force felt that D&D players were "detached from reality and susceptible to influence" and would give them nothing more than a low-security clearance.

Shining Knight #1 kicked off Morrison's Seven Soldiers epic.

Shadowrun got a fourth edition, which led everyone to go back to the previous ones.

I went and saw The Ring Two and found it to be a bit creepy but still flawed.

My newly re-grown tonsils interrupted my blog for a bit.

Free comics started appearing all over the web.

My indie music excursion continued with Robbers on High Street.

Podcasts made a big splash in my world.

Morrison's Seven Soldiers continued with Guardian #1


Sin City rocked the house!

DC killed the "Bwa-ha-ha!" of comics with a special comic that would lead into the biggest comic event since... well, Crisis.

I slammed my thumb in my truck door. And I'm still waiting for the nail to completely heal...

In light of the events of Marvel's Dis-Assembled and DC's Identity/Infinite Crisis, I took a look at what Gilligan's Island would be like if it was made to appeal to the same audience.

Zatanna #1, continuing Morrison's Seven Soldiers tale, brought us a more down to earth version of Zee.

More indie music found it's way into my ears through Iron & Wine.

And I found more cool music over at Hellthy.

I found out that in an alternate reality, there's another Lee Stone that's a porn star.

I contemplated on who the comic audience is and how to reach them.

Everybody began to become more aware of how broke we really are.

Marvel started to sell comics through 7-Elevens again.

I displayed my goodies from Wizard World and Aggie Con.

Marvel announced a new line of "dollar digests", which I don't think I ever saw get released.

Marvel also revived the Annual, something that DC would eventually do, as well.

The fourth book from Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory, Klarion began.

Next up: May thru August!

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