Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005: A Replicant's Recap - Part Three

For Part Two, which covered May thru August, go here.


I explained away my absence here and began posting again.

I did a movie quiz thing and didn't quite stump as many people as I thought I would.

Gas prices jumped because of the hurricanes and I bought a lock for my gas tank.

I dug up a couple links to annotatiuons for the Seven Soldiers books.

I actually sat down and watched the Teen Titans cartoon and liked it.

I watched Hellboy again.

And we got a sneak peek at Bendis and Maleev's upcoming Spider-Woman.


I went to see Serenity and should've posted more than I did, but couldn't find a way without giving away some really big spoilers.

I mentioned my favorite comic artists and why I like them.

I began a section for my art. More coming there next year.

DC decided to publish a book that includes every non-Swamp Thing story that Alan Moore has written for them.

Marvel announced the returns of Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Silver sable and Dominic Fortune as they trimmed back the mutants.


Information was released about the Serenity DVD, which I still need to get.

I started to clean out my bookmarks. It was originally take several posts to do it, but my browser crashed the next day and I lost all of them.

I recovered from my yearly trip to Wizard World and the Renaissance Festival.

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge got it's own index.

General Zod (from Superman II) began his bid for Presidency.

Doom Patrol co-creator Arnold Drake spoke out about his career.

I salivated over this.

I read and reviewed Michael Avon Oeming's Thor comics that I picked up at Wizard World, which led to me doing a Thor index, as well.

After Marvel announced a return to their ill-fated "New Universe" of the '80s, I unearthed an interview with Jim Shooter that detailed what went wrong with the original.

I got all crazy over the Daughters of the Dragon.

Marvel ran a poll to see what book the readers wanted to see published. Of course, they pretty much all deal with mutants...

We celebrated Thanksgiving, even though I did most of the cooking and I had just gotten over food poisoning at a fast food restaraunt.

I tried to restrain myself after reading how much money people were spending for Christmas. What was bad was they were complaining that they still couldn't spend as much as they did the year before because of gas prices. And I couldn't afford a fraction of what they were putting out this year!

I did a quiz-thingy and found out I need more lovin'.

I started a poll to see who people wanted in the next JLA series. It was pretty successful and the results were pretty balanced.


I got a big kick out of Solo #7, especially the "Batman-A-Go-Go" story.

I began the Eye Candy feature, which was well received it seems. BTW, you're getting three doses today to break up the Year End Recaps.

The voting for the JLA members kept going after the poll was closed, so I did one final recount.

I got me a PSP.

Following in DC's footsteps, Marvel announced a big epic crossover for next year that would include a prologue, several lead-in mini-series and a final mini-series (much like DC's Infinite Crisis).

I posted the links from my old web site and found that the Dave Sim editorials had moved.

I discovered more comics for the PSP. And then some more.

Enjoying my PSP for a while now, I felt it was time to comment on what I think it needed to improve on.

I began a new feature, called Ear Candy, to bring some music back to the blog.

After talking to the editor of DCU, I posted my Doom Patrol article that was printed in the first issue.

Warren Ellis' Nextwave became the first comic to get it's own theme song to promote it's debut.

And that just about wraps it up.

Looking forward to a spectacular new year!

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