Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005: A Replicant's Recap - Part Two

For Part One, which covered January thru April, go here.


At the beginning of May, I started playing online card games over at CCG Workshop.

DC's Infinite Crisis finally started to sway me as I learned of their plans for their sci-fi characters.

I participated in my first meme.

I tried to figure out the reason for casting Charlise Theron as Aeon Flux.

DC Comics got a new logo.

Someone stole my Alias Season 3 set from my friend's house and brought it to my work to sell it. My friend never did file a police report and I ended up buying the set back from the store.

PSP comics made their first appearance here. Unfortunately, PSPCmx never did anything else. However, Heroic Publishing is still going strong.

I started reading Legend of the Five Rings fiction.

Psychbloke orchaestrated a web-wide Mexican wave and I participated.

I read Rann/Thanagar War #1 and was so enthralled that I went and started reading Adam Strange, Green Lantern and Hawkman.
The books received their own spot on my blog as I started indexing each one. Even Rann/Thanagar got it's own index.

Alan Moore withdrew from DC Comics and movies.

We learned a little about Sin City 2.

Firefly was getting it's own movie, called Serenity, and we checked out the comic prelude.

I started a new feature, Indie Attack, to focus on new Indie music. Strangely, I only did it once...


DC Comics announced their answer to Marvel's Essentials. I just wished they came out faster.

We found out for the first time about DC jumping ahead a year in all their books.

Rich Johnston created his own excitement when he decided to change the format of his highly popular rumor column. He eventually changed it back. Mostly.

I started an index for DC's Showcase Presents. And I found what I thought was the best resource out there for info on Marvel's Essentials.

I began my Mad Mad Movie Marathon, which actually lasted a while before I got too busy to continue.


We found out about Brian Azzarello's new western comic.

Live 8 happened. Damn, that was an awesome event. We even got to see Madonna prove that she can still move at her age.

I posted another mixed set of music and then created another, but never got that one uploaded.

I tried to figure out how I ended up liking electronica music so much.

As a result, I picked up Verve Remixed and Mushroom Jazz during a trip to the bigger city.


I must have found something else to keep me busy as I didn't post squat the whole month!

Up next: September thru December. And I promise... I did post something in September!

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