Thursday, December 29, 2005

PSP Listed as C-Net's #1 Must Have Gadget

From C-Net:

If you're going to unseat the top dog on our must-have gadgets list, you'd better bring your A-game. Just ask Xbox 360: after only two weeks at the top of the chart, defects, overheating, and crashing problems pushed it down to number two. And that means Sony's PSP has climbed back to the top of must-have mountain.

1. Sony PSP
The Sony PlayStation Portable is the portable gadget of 2005. If you haven't gotten one already, you must not have seen one in action. The screen alone will make you salivate. So much more than a portable gaming console, it also plays music and movies. Not only does it look hot, it also has outstanding sound and graphics, a built-in Memory Stick Duo slot, and Wi-Fi. And if you already have one, read our PSP megafeature to unleash your PSP's full potential.

Congrats, Sony.

I'm really loving my PSP.
Although there are a few things I'd like to see, it's a remarkable hand-held device.
Highly reccomended.


Oscar said...

Mmhhmm ... can't wait until I can get one. If only I could convince the people I love that I do need one.

I am looking at Burnout and a couple of other games for it ... what do you play on yours?

Republic of Replicants said...

Well... I work at a Gamestop so I can check out the used games.

The first game I checked out was Untold Legends (at a co-worker's request), and I soon bought it afterwards. I'm still playing it. I didn't have a lot of free time during the holidays.

Easily one of the best games I've played so far.

I've also played Ghost in the Shell, which I bought because it was on sell. It sucks.
Actually, it's pretty good as far as first-person shooters go. I just don't care for the robot that follows you around. And lots of load times. Bleh.

I checked out Mercury and I wouldn't waste my money on that one, either. Maybe if it's the only game available. But then... there's homebrew that's better than this.
Great animation, though.

My co-worker told me not to bother with Metal Gear Acid because he thought it was crap. But I was still curious about the whole card playing approah so I tried it out.
I liked it.
Of course, I'm used to playing collectable card games like Magic and Shadowfist and I fell right into it.
I plan on buying it soon.

The movies haven't quite grabbed me, yet. We're currently running a buy one get one free on select UMD movies but the only ones I'd care to get are Kill Bill 1 and 2, which aren't on the list.

Although we do have a used copy of Clerks for $9.99 that I may be getting...

Meanwhile, I'm also using my PSP as a mini-iPod and listening to a few regular podcasts on it.

Oscar said...

Thanks for the game recommends ...

I got a chance to watch most of Spider-man on a friend's PSP and I really enjoyed the quality ... it felt like the combination of the glassy screen and vivid colors were a good blend for a great display.

Have you used it at all to play MPEG video files (movies/music videos)?

Using it as an iPod ... I can kinda see where the waters would get muddy as to wether I am going to listen and carry around both my iPod nano and my future PSP or just one of them. I am guessing the PSP performs well in this respect ...

Republic of Replicants said...

Yeah, I've played some mpegs on it. Mostly ones that are already formatted for the psp like the Serenity trailers.

I also downloaded PSP Movie 9, which is a program that converts video files to mpg4 format for use with the PSP.
Very handy tool.
And free!

As for PSP vs. iPod...
iPod beats the PSP as far as music storage goes. You just can't get as many songs on a PSP unless you get multiple memory cards (which are very expensive).

But... the iPod doesn't play games and movies...

I'll say hold on to the iPod until PSP memory cards come down some.