Saturday, January 07, 2006

Catching Up With 7th Dimension

For your convenience, I've collected the links and synopsis for the last week's worth of 7th Dimension, courtesy of BBC 7.

Perelandra (Episode 5 of 18) Click here to listen.
Ransom swims to the other shore and discovers that the Green Lady is none other than Perelandra herself.

Perelandra (Episode 6 of 18) Click here to listen.
The Green Lady tells Ransom of Maleldil's decree; she cannot stay the night on the mountainous island known as the fixed land.

Perelandra (Episode 7 of 18) Click here to listen.
Ransom sees Dr Weston approach from the crashed spaceship, and races to meet him before he can talk to the Green Lady.

Perelandra (Episode 8 of 18) Click here to listen.
During their conversation, Weston suffers from a kind of fit, but in the morning Ransom finds his body has disappeared.

Perelandra (Episode 9 of 18) Click here to listen.
Ransom finds Weston mutilating the island's creatures, and realises that he is a bridge for the 'Bent One' to enter Perelandra.

Ghost Stories For Christmas: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Episode 3 of 3) Click here to listen.
Martin Jarvis reads from Washington Irving's supernatural classic. Ichabod Crane comes face to face with his worst nightmare.

Doctor Who: The Chimes of Midnight (Episode 3 of 4) Click here to listen.
Can the TARDIS provide refuge from the ticking of the clock? Paul McGann and India Fisher star.

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