Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Comic Picks for January 5th

Yeah, I know... it's a little late, but I'm trying to catch up here.

These are the books that caught my eye last week (and I still need to pick up at my local comic shop).

Jonah Hex #3
Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti Art by Luke Ross Cover by Phil Noto.
The saga of Jonah Hex continues in this issue featuring a cover by Phil Noto (BIRDS OF PREY, DANGER GIRL: VIVA LAS DANGER)! Stumbling across the remains of a wagon train massacre, Jonah Hex finds himself at odds with deadly highwaymen and a corrupt sheriff willing to kill to keep a secret. Hex must join forces with the West's only gun-slinging pacifist, the enigmatic and charming Bat Lash! 32 pg, FC 2.99

I already have #1 and I liked it. I haven't been to the comic shop in a while and with gas prices the way they are, I don't know when I'll get to go again. But as soon as I do, I'm planning on picking up #'s 2 and 3.

Doc Samson #1
Written by Paul Di Filippo Penciled by Fabrizio Fiorentino Cover by Daniel Acuna.
Join the green-haired adveneurer as he solves problems with psychoanalytical tactics and good ol' fashioned whuppins. In this first issue, see the good doctor provide therapy for wayward aliens, consult mystic art masters and battle living totem poles. 32pgs, Suggested for Teens and up 2.99

Cool cover by Acuna (see the latest Eye Candy for more of his work).
I've always thought Doc Samson as a character had potential. Time to see if they realize it. Maybe they'll tap into his Doc Savage traits.

Sable & Fortune #1
by Brendan Cahill and John Burns.
Silver Sable is leader of the unstoppable Wild Pack and the world's greatest mercenary. But times change - the Pack has gotten so big it no longer resembles the team Sable once led - and when evidence points to a traitor, Sable will stop at nothing until she finds him. Enter a brash young private detective calling himself Dominic Fortune, who's out to make a name in the world of international espionage. With Sable branded a has-been - and Fortune's star ascending - they're a match made in heaven . . .as long as Fortune shuts up and follows Sable's orders. 32pgs, Suggested for Teens and up 2.99

I loved Howard Chaykin's flamboyant version of Dominic Fortune and I was a fan of the old Silver Sable series (at least for the first year). This is a real treat as Marvel brings the both of them back in an effort to show that they do have more than just mutants in their universe.
And the art by Burns is fantastic.

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