Friday, January 20, 2006

Coming Up on 7th Dimension

Jefferson 37
Saturdays. A new four-part science-fiction serial specially commissioned for BBC 7. It's a gripping thriller, set in the near future, and explores the idea of clones being created specifically to provide body parts to those who can afford it. Written by Jenny Stephens and directed by Peter Leslie Wild, it stars David Birrell, Alison Carney, Oliver Hembrough and Dharmesh Patel. A must for 7th Dimension fans who I know really enjoy new sci-fi on the Network.

I am Legend
Weekdays. Richard Matheson's 1954 novel, is another new BBC 7 commission. Taking place in New York, it's a tale of vampires and a man immune to the plague that has decimated most of the population. Scott Stainton Miller's nine-part adaptation is read by Angus McInnes and produced in Scotland by Eilidh McCreadie.

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