Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Mixes with PSP

Google has added video downloads to their site and has made them compatible with PC and PSP.
You can view the videos online or download them in a format you prefer.

Go here to check it out.

Here's a video that I liked.
And here's a Dr. Who tribute.


Psychbloke said...

Jeez - that Who tribute - what are those two on?
It all looked like it was going a bit pervy at the end.....

Republic of Replicants said...

Yeah, it did seem that way, didn't it?

Meanwhile, between this and my discovery of 7th Dimension, I've been stricken with Dr. Who admiration.

I remember watching the Doctor late every saturday night on our local PBS station.
I had almost forgotten how, although a bit under-budget, it had an awesome feel to it. It was pure escapism.

Although I was never a hardcore fan, I still rank it as high (if not higher) as Star Trek.