Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's Like A Podcast... But Not Quite..

I just finished mixing Six Pack #2. I'll be posting it later today as I'm about to head for bed now.

I've decided that Tuesdays will be the day I'll be putting these up since I'm generally off on that day each week.

I haven't had any feedback on the first mix so I'm not sure if anyone liked it or not but I'm hoping someone somewhere has found it enjoyable.

While I won't be taking requests, I will be open to suggestions if anybody knows of a band or song that would fit the style of music that I'm spotlighting. And if you're an independent artist making music similar to the kind that's in my playlist feel free to send me a link to a song if you'd like me to add it. Just be sure to put "six pack" or "replicants" somewhere in the subject line so it won't get deleted.

That's all for now. Expect Six Pack #2 around 1PM EST.

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