Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mad Mad Movie Index

Making a list of the movies I've seen, in alphabetical order, seems like the perfect way to keep from accidently viewing a film twice. And it also helps me determine what films are in my collection and what I need to acquire.

So, here are the movies I've watched so far (with info):

The Amazing Transparent Man
Crazed ex-military officer Paul Krenner has dreams of world domination when he forces unwilling scientist Peter Ulof to do his bidding. Ulof must develop a process to induce invisibility through atomic-radiation. With this in his armory, Krenner plans to create an invisible military force and sell it to the highest bidder. They break safecracker Joey Faust out of jail and make him invisible so that he can steal more radium. The events take an unexpected turn. Starring Maguerite Chapman.
(57 mins)
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Atom Age Vampire
A deranged scientific genius invents a breakthrough treatment to restore the beauty of a stripper who has been tragically mutilated in a car crash. When he falls in love with his patient, he must maintain her treatment by using the glands of women he has murdered. In the process he is transformed into a hideous creature. Inevitably, a noose tightens around him as the police and the stripper's boyfriend begin to ask uncomfortable questions. Starring Alberto Lupo.
(1 hr 26 mins)
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The Atomic Brain (aka Monstrosity)
Atomic power has somehow been harnessed to enable the transplanting of human brains. An aging and unscupulous matron hires two beautiful and desirable foreign domestics, planning to use one of them as a host for her evil brain. Starring Bradford Dillman.
(1 hr 5 mins)

Carnival of Souls
Mary Henry's life is turned upside down when a pleasant day trip with two friends turns sour after they accept a challenge to drag race and their car is forced off a bridge. The car sinks into the murky depths, and all three women are assumed drowned. Some time later, to everyone's amazement, Mary emerges unscathed from the river. Trying to get a new start as a church organist, Mary finds herself haunted by a ghostly figure that arouses fear and dread in the tormented young woman. Starring Candace Hilligoss.
(1 hr 23 mins)
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Creature from the Haunted Sea
When a Carribean island is engulfed by a revolution, an unscrupulous American mobster, Renzo Capeto plans to clean up with a get-rich-quick scheme. His diaboloical plan is to provide refuge to the loyalists, and the contents of the government coffers, on his boat. He would then murder his passengers and escape with a fortune. Planning to blame their deaths on a mythical sea monster, no one is more surprised than Renzo, when the real monster appears with its own agenda. Starring Robert Towne.
(1 hr 14 mins)
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The Incredible Petrified World
When a diving bell goes missing along with its crew of four, their expedition gives up hope of finding them alive. However, the missing vehicle has become trapped in a labyrinth of underwater caverns. After exiting their craft, the foursome encounters a survivor from a shipwreck who informs them that there is no escape from their underwater tomb. Our intrepid explorers cleverly trace the flow of oxygen to a volcanic vent and a possible escape route. Starring John Carradine.
(1 hr 3 mins)

Nightmare Castle
When a brutal count finds that his wife has been unfaithful, he tortures her and her lover and puts them to death, removing their hearts from their bodies in retribution. Time passes, and he remarries a beautiful and unsuspecting young woman. Soon she is experiencing horrendous dreams and apparitions. It becomes apparent that the spirits of slain lovers have returned to exact their bloody revenge. Starring Barbara Steele
(1 hr 19 mins)
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Queen of the Amazons
Join us on a woman's thrill-packed expedition in search of Greg, the love of her life who seems to be lost in the African jungle. Unfortunately her guide, Gary, sees her and all women, as dead weight on such a trip. Despite this, he agrees to help her while searching for ivory poachers. In the course of their journey they must face an imminent danger from man-eating lions and a plague of locusts. Eventually they encounter a lost tribe of Amazon warriors. Is Greg held captive by a desirable White Goddess or is he there of his own free will? Starring Patricia Morison.
(1 hr)

The Robot Monster
Meet the Robot Monster, dispatched to our planet to scope out the landscape for a forthcoming alien invasion. The Great One has instructed him to collect human specimens to assess their weaknesses, and in doing so, a bemused Robot Monster becomes very confused. Starring George Nader.
(1 hr 2 mins)

She Gods of Shark Reef
Filmed in Hawaii, this tale features an escaped prisoner and his brother who become shipwrecked on an island paradise. The land is filled with delectable native women who fill their time enacting strange rituals, and diving in the ocean for pearls. When one of the women is selected by her peers to be sacrificed to the sharks, the good brother who has fallen for her charms, rescues her and they escape to civilization. The convict brother stays behind and attempts to steal the pearls, instead becoming the designated sacrifice. Starring Bill Cord.
(1 hr 3 mins)
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I'll be updating this regularly, adding the latest watched films to the list.
Note: This replaces my old index as I've combined the list with movie info and posters, as well as online viewing links.

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