Sunday, February 26, 2006

Best Seven Soldiers Moments Thus Far

I recently received the books I had been missing and I'm now completely caught up with the Seven Soldiers. Which means I can stop shying away from the message boards in fear of reading spoilers.

The following is my list of some of the best moments in the series so far.
Warning: there are SPOILERS here.

Shining Knight- the revelation of who the Shining Knight really is and the "knighting".
Guardian- the Newsboy Legion's look into their future.
Zatanna- the seance, "not again" says Winter, the Don's final stand and the trip through time-space.
Klarion- "I forgive you, Mother"
Mister Miracle- the gruesome fate of Shilo and the introduction of the Female Furies.
Bulleteer- the truth about the Seven Soldiers from #0 and the missing 7th member.
Frankenstein- Melmoth's telling of Frankie's origin.

Sad to see the FBI agent go bye-bye in Bulleteer, I thought she was pretty cool. I felt her demise was a bit sudden and for some reason I missed the connection to her sister's fiance.

As for Spyder and Vigilante's re-appearances...
I can see how one was spared since he seems to be working for the other side now, but the other... I'm assuming it has to do with his "curse"...

Speaking of which, I found the "curse" to be a great example of expanding on a character's history without tossing out what's come before. Who would have known?

I'm still shocked at what happened to Shilo, too. That was intense.

Overall, the series is coming together nicely. Weaved into a very compelling story.
I even liked the cameos of the subway car taking out the monster from Klarion in Guardian's book and Shilo's almost getting ran over by Klarion's mob on their way to steal the tunnelling vehicle.

It almost reminds me of how tightly Stan Lee had the Marvel Universe back when he first started it. It works best if one writer is covering all the books involved and Morrison's done an outstanding job of showing how the books are affected by one another.

Only five more issues to go and then I'll be wondering what I'm going to fill it's void with.

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