Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back from the Con

Well... that was... hmmm... alright.

The con this year was pretty lacking. I didn't even bother paying the $20 to get a pass as there was nothing going on that interested me. I just went straight to the dealer's room which was only 50 cents to enter.

However, the dealer's room was pretty disappointing, too. There was only about two or three comic sellers there and quite a few booths were empty.

I was also told about how someone had tried to sign up for a booth but could never get in touch with anyone and their messages were never replied to. What a shame.

I honestly don't see next year's con making it if this one is any indication. They'll have to really put some work into it to get people to come back.

I spent a lot of time going through the comics, though. And not because there was a lot to choose from. On the contrary... I had a hard time finding anything to get.

I was looking for the first ONE YEAR LATER books. None there.

One dealer did have the OMAC PROJECT mini-series as a set for $25. I snatched that one up since I'm considering picking up CHECKMATE. I also picked up the Sacrifice storyline, with a first print of WONDER WOMAN ($20 for the set). The guy was pretty cool, too, and threw in the second printing and a copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 (Max Lord's first appearance) in for free. Now I have three copies of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1!

I considered getting VILLAINS UNITED and DAY OF VENGEANCE since I haven't bothered with them, yet. But they only had one issue of VILLAINS and no VENGEANCE.

I picked up the Mayfair Games' Batman Role-Playing Game book and a Bounty Hunter sourcebook for Traveller, also.

Afterwards, we went to the comic shop there in College Station and browsed through their (very limited) selection. I got the RANN/THANAGAR WAR SPECIAL and the OYL issue of GREEN ARROW (the only OYL book they had).

Stopping at both Hastings and Waldenbooks, I managed to find the OYL OUTSIDERS and went ahead and got a copy of INFINITE CRISIS #5.

I read the OMACS and Sacrifice at the con while my friends played in Magic the Gathering tournaments. I was impressed. Blue Beetle's death is starting to settle with me and Rucka is really good at writing espionage agencies.
Maxwell Lord's motivations still didn't come through very clear and I could have done without some of the Omac-related stuff (like Sasha's connection), but the writing redeemed all the things I didn't care much for.
And it was good to see that Fire does have a brain. Especially the fact that she was the first to draw the Max Lord involvement.

Sacrifice, essential reading for the OMAC book, was much better than I had expected. The first issue started off rather blandly but by the end of the book I was intrigued. The death in WONDER WOMAN, while already spoiled, still was shocking as it was very convincingly done.

I give both OMAC PROJECT and Sacrifice a B rating. OMAC would have been better (a)if there was more characterization for Midnight and Sasha, (b)if it didn't switch gears halfway through and (c)if it didn't end with a lead-in to INFINITE CRISIS.

One would think that Max orchaestrated the whole thing that resulted from his death. But he's dead. What would he gain from it after he died?

I am looking forward to CHECKMATE, regardless, and I hope to see Rucka focus more on the espionage elements of the organization.

As for the OYL books...

I read OUTSIDERS. It started off reasonably well, even though I didn't care much for the art. But once the team popped up near the end it went flat. And the awkward posing on the last page? What did that accomplish? I gave OUTSIDERS a C-.

I haven't read GREEN ARROW, yet, but I will soon. I will definitely be posting my reactions to it up here as soon as I do.

Meanwhile, I'm going to put in the next disc of Prisoner and chill out for the evening.

Be seeing you.

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