Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Donde esta Psych?

It appears that Psychbloke, one of the few souls who actually reads my blog, is gone.

No explosions, no splashy scene. Just poof.
Well, not even a poof...

He just ceased to be.

Perhaps if we try hard enough we can make him return from the void. Let's everyone join hands.
Now focus and repeat after me:

Return to us oh Great One of the Cyberpeople!

1 comment:

the X said...

we have a great task ahead if that measly Voodoun chanting and invocation of the Orixa deities actually will *succeed* in getting him back,
and not just provide flashy fantasy-cars for us (there today, gone tomorrow) and mysterious chunks of icky goo (mmm- what's this?- ganja icecream?- wahey!)

let's cross our fingers and toes for a swift return...