Friday, March 03, 2006

PSP Comics Update

At the moment there's only two PSP comics worth note. And before anybody here get's uncomfortable because they don't know what a PSP comic is or don't have a PSP, don't worry- both of these can be read (easily) from your computer.

NYC2123: Dayender
The series has reached #5. Only one more issue to go.
This work has been monumental in terms of showing what comics on the PSP can be. Great sory and art.
Website link.

Matt Kindt's indie comic SuperSpy has reached #7 as it's gone ongoing.
Website link.

Meanwhile, I need to get off my ass, stop spending so much of my free time at the bar and start working on my own comic. Ground floor opportunity here.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you should get in on this market.
psp game

Psychbloke said...

Hey thanks
Can't get Superspy link to work - but the first one looks cool
I need to put some time in on it....

Michelle said...

Very much neat-o. Thanks!

Republic of Replicants said...

PSP Game: Gonna start working on my PSP comic this coming week.

Psychbloke: I'll post the direct links for you. I'm really diggin' the guy's stye. Sorta '60s retro artsy stuff. I think you may like it.

Michelle: Thanks. I checked out your site and see you have a cool sense of humor.

Republic of Replicants said...

Superspy links:
#1 - Safehouse
#2 - Spy Vs Spy
#3 - THE Super Spy
#4 - The Whisp
#5 - All in the Game
#6 - Pipe Man
#7 - Losing a Tail

Just click on the pic to advance to the next page. Hope these work for you.