Friday, March 17, 2006

PSP Teasers...

From IGN:

-- The PSP userbase is 96% male and Sony views this as a problem. Ideally, the company would like more women to play PSP and Sony looks to widen the system's appeal to various demographics.

--The PSP will get its own version of the EyeToy in September and the peripheral will feature motion-tracking games like EyeToy Play, as well as add functions such as video chat. (Curiously, though, no confirmation on a still photo snap function like on cellphones.) The camera is sliver and it attaches to the USB port.

-- Starting this fall, the PSP will receive some key new features. Video and voice-over-IP features will launch in October in "motion jpg" format, allowing PSP owners to use their PSPs as a virtual phone and even, with that new EyeToy, a portable video phone.

-- The PSP will also include a GPS receiver with an update rate of once every second with a 40-second fix time from a cold start. Minna no Golf (Hot Shots Golf) will be one of the first games supported. Interestingly enough, SCE lists that GPS support is already out there, that the "Library has already released partially" ... what titles could those be?

-- Macromedia Flash will be included with a spring Network update, along with improved RSS support for playback and saving of net-broadcast radio and video.

The e-Distribution in the last pic refers to how sony's going to make available select Playstation games from the past available for download to play on the PSP straight from a memory stick.

Also, the retail price for the PSP is dropping to $199.99 starting March 22nd.

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