Monday, April 10, 2006

Femme Noir Returns

Christopher Mills and Joe Staton's FEMME NOIR series returned this week with the first installment of "Blonde Justice".

The story (originally intended for print publication) will be presented in webcomic format, generally with a new page (strip) each week. It will run for twenty-eight weeks.

"Blonde Justice" also brings on board inker, Horacio Ottolini. Ottolini has previously worked with Staton on the Batman Elseworlds tale, "Citizen Wayne", as well as on several issues of SCOOBY DOO for DC Comics. His inking really brings Staton's work to a whole new level.

As for FEMME NOIR's future, Chris already has the next feature, "Killer in Steel", lined up after this one to ensure that the fun won't be stopping anytime soon.

If you're not familiar with the character, Thrilling Detective tells us that Femme Noir is "...a very private private eye working the mean streets and bloody alleys of a city where crime and corruption are the status quo and the nights seem to last forever. She takes on the cases that the cops can't or won't solve, and if the system fails -- which it does with an alarming regularity -- she exacts harsh, swift justice with a pair of pearl-handled automatics."

Check out FEMME NOIR each week (updated on Tuesdays) at Supernatural Crime.

All of the previous stories are still availble for viewing there, as well.

And if you happen to like what Chris is doing, hop over to the Atomic Pulp Forums and let him know!

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