Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Heroes For Hire Preview

Here's the promo pic of the HEROES FOR HIRE cast which is flying around the 'net:

Left to right: Humbug, Misty Knight, Black Cat, the new Tarantula, Colleen Wing, and Shang Chi (Master of Kung Fu).
Also in the team but not pictured: Paladin, American Samurai, and Orka.

Take out Humbug and Orka and put in Luke Cage, Iron Fist and El Aguila and it'd be perfect!

I'm surprised they left out Cage and Fist since those two WERE the original Heroes for Hire team.

On the plus side, I was wondering if Shang-Ghi was going to be left out of all this '80s vigilante revival stuff.

Now we have a new MOON KNIGHT series, an upcoming SPIDER-WOMAN series, a WHITE TIGER mini-series and a new HEROES FOR HIRE. And of course, DAREDEVIL and PUNISHER are still going strong.

Great time to not be a mutant.

I just wish they'd put Cage and Fist in a book again. Besides AVENGERS. They honestly don't belong in AVENGERS.
Don't get me wrong. Bendis does a great job at street level storytelling.

However, the AVENGERS team seems like it was put together to cater to his skills. And he was only put onto it because of his name.

He would fit more with, say, THE CHAMPIONS (which I hear is also making a comeback).

EDIT: Justin Gray announced on their forum that the original mention of Sable was a typo and that the character is actually American Samurai.

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