Saturday, May 20, 2006

From the Archives

Here's a one-page interview that Wizard Magazine did with Mike Allred waaay back in #23.
When I first got hit with Madman, I had saved all the interviews and features I could find, including the original solicitations for MADMAN COMICS from the monthly PREVIEWS.

I may end up scanning many of them and posting them here.

Also, around the time that the first set of MADMAN cards came out, I had made some of my own using pictures I had found and some laminating sheets. If I can find them, I'll share those with you guys, as well.


doppelganger said...

That Vault is great news - along with Bats and Grendel, Madman has to be my favourite comic book character...

Republic of Replicants said...

Tell me about it!
I love Allred's art but he's at his best when he's writing AND drawing.

I'm really looking forward to his new Madman and Atomics stuff.