Sunday, May 28, 2006

Goodbye to a Legend

Alex Toth died yesterday.
He was 78.

Note from his son, Eric, posted on the Alex Toth Forums:

I am Alex's oldest son Eric. I meant to be the one to let everyone know that my father did pass away this morning drawing/writing at his table. I do not have any further details other than I will forward an address for those interested in sending cards. We will arrange something appropriate at or around the convention this summer in San Diego. As John shared, all of your cards and letters of the recent past were very much appreciated by my father. Only in these last years did he begin to understand and accept the fact that his work had touched so many people's lives. In time, more information will follow.

Thank you.
Eric and family.

Official website.
Twenty questions with Alex Toth.
Original art gallery.

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Peter Matthes said...

Alex really was a great talent.

It is good to hear his son mention that his father came to understand and accept that his work was important. Without a doubt, it touched many of his fans.