Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just Announced!

Mike has announced on his message board that the next project coming down the pike is THE VAULT, a sorta behind-the-scenes look at how he got in the biz and a retrospective on his career since.

It's going to be a four issue mini-seies with commentary by Allred throughout.

And after that...


Mike describes CLUBHOUSE:
"This would have been called MADMAN Atomic Comics, but I'm saving that title for when I can go with a regular schedule again (maybe following the movie). This special is all new stories, including Madman, The Atomics, some new characters, and othet goodies including a stunning Eric Powell pin-up. The best way to describe this special is as a AAA POP version of my DC SOLO issue. An anthology of creator-owned fun!"

I'm sooo looking forward to some new Madman/Atomics material.

He also mentioned the film again.
Cheers, Mike!

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