Friday, May 26, 2006

Next in Queue

My first disc of Batman: The Animated Series shipped today. So starting about Tuesday I'll be immersing myself into the complete run.

I remember the show reaching some high marks in it's day and look forward to watching them again. And I'm sure I'll come across a lot of episodes that I've never seen.

It was a truly monumental series that paved the way for others like it (in the now classic Bruce Timm fashion).

I was readind up on it over at IMDB and discovered some interesting facts:

* To create the eerie nighttime feeling, the background painters used dark paper instead of the traditional white. This also allowed them to save time from painting large portions of black color as most of the scenes are set at night.

* Tim Curry was initially cast as the voice of the Joker. After he recorded four episodes, the decision was made to recast and eventually the role went to Mark Hamill.

* Many of the episodes in this series are direct adaptations of 'Denny O'Neil' and Neal Adams' comic books from the seventies. These include "The Laughing Fish" and "Daughter of the Demon".

* The episodes "Heart of Steel" and "His Silicon Soul" feature a character named Dr. Carl Rossum, a robotics engineer who creates a series of human-like robots. The character's name is taken from the 1920s science fiction play "R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)" by Karel Capek, which introduced the word "robot" into the English language. In both episodes, Dr. Carl Rossum is voiced by William Sanderson, who played the Replicant creator J.F. Sebastian in Blade Runner (1982).

* All voice acting was, unlike most voice-over work, performed ensemble. This means that all the voice actors performed their lines in a room together, rather than at separate times in different locations.

* Officer Renee Montoya and Joker's girlfriend/henchman Harley Quinn were created for the animated series and later incorporated into the comic books. (I already knew this but thought I'd share it with those who weren't aware.)


doppelganger said...

Truly classic - my son and I watched pretty much all of 'em on cable at breakfast time.
I think they got so much of this so right.... mind you, I quite like the new 'THE Batman' show too.....

Republic of Replicants said...

I was kinda put off by the art on The Batman...

Is it really good?

doppelganger said...

Yeah - the villains are a bit weird, but it's quite well-paced and slick.
It hasn't got the noir feel of this stuff - it's more sparkly, hi tec in feel - but yeah... nice - maybe a bit like Batman of The Future in tone.

I like self-contained tales with classic villains and no Robin, which is what you get here....

Well worth a look....

Republic of Replicants said...

Added it to my queue...

My current line-up is:

Batman Animated Series
Batman Animated Series Movies
Batman Beyond
BB: Return of the Joker
Batman/Superman Movie
Superman Animated Series
Superman: Brainiac Attacks
Justice League
Static Shock
Teen Titans
The Batman