Tuesday, May 30, 2006

'Nuther World Comics #2 Preview

Just a couple pencil sketches from the upcoming 'NUTHER WORLD COMICS #2 (name may be changing to 'NUTHER WORLD COMICS MEGAMIX #1).

Roxie Tiger makes her debut:

I'm working on a new Wizdom story:

And the often pushed back Extremists may actually see the light of day:

The Extremists PSP comic has been shelved, unfortunately, due to my no longer owning a PSP. Sorry.
If I get caught up around here I may decide to adapt it later since I still have the template saved in Photoshop.

As for the print comic, I have several stories I'm working on. I'm trying to determine page number at the moment and see how much I can fit in. May either go with a 48-page special or two 24-page issues. The latter is more appealing since I can have something else coming out later.

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