Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Organizing My Studio

...Or what's left of it...

I spent the day going through my art and writings, sifting through all of it.
I managed to get my art seperated into four different folders:
a. work that's been used in my 'Nuther World Comics.
b. work that hasn't been used.
c. work I did for others and convention sketches from other artists.
d. studies and fan art.

I was surprised by the amount of stuff in folder b. However, most of it is concept art and sketches.

Now that I've been more relaxed about my real life job, I've found it possible to focus some on my comic and art.

I'm going to try to set up a schedule where I put myself in "comic mode" for about two hours a day. Five hours on my days off. That should put me at about twenty hours a week.

I finally finished reading the "Complete Drawing Course" that I bought a while back. After reading I see why the writer suggests reading it through before beginning actually taking it on. A lot important basic elements are drilled into you in a systemetic pattern so that when you go back to the beginning to do the exercises you already have stuff in the back of your head guiding you.

I just started the first section, which focuses on objects. The book has four parts: objects, plants, places and people. Unfortunately, the people section only deals with faces and portraits. Luckily, I have other books for that.
I was a little surprised it didn't have animals, too. Must be something to look forward to after the "course".
Otherwise, it's a great book.

Meanwhile, I'm dreading the search for writings as I have several spirals strewn here and there that have great ideas intermixed with random role-playing campaign notes and the occasional bill balancing. Not to mention the countless lists I have written for one impulsive reason or another.

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