Saturday, May 06, 2006

Previews Contemplations...

So... I've decided to pre-order again at my LCS (local comic shop). This has come after me repeatingly getting interested in a series after it's been out only to find it sold out. The comic shop owner is like, "that's why you should pre-order..."

I used to be a regular pre-orderer. However, here recently I slacked off because I didn't know when I would be able to make it (since it's 45 miles away) and since I've ended up buying books that I never read because I had lost interest in them by the time they came out.

And you definitely can't use pre-ordering to try out a book since you'd have to pre-order the first three issues before you get see what you're getting.

But, alas... I've still decided to go back to it.

Unfortunately, looking at this month's Previews brought forth no real ideas of what to get.

Seven Soldiers is over.
Daughters of the Dragon (which I missed because I didn't pre-order it) is over.
Heroes for Hire hasn't started.
The big relaunches of the month (Datman, Detective, JLA, X-Men and Uncanny X-Men) don't interest me.

I'm looking for first issues, since if I do find something I like, chances are that I won't find the previous issues at the shop, since I didn't pre-order them.

The only things I could find were the first issues of Xena and Highlander. The Modesty Blaise paperback reprint seems enticing, too. As does the first trade paperback.

Anybody have any suggestions on what to check out? Has to be first issues or something that doesn't require me picking up anything else off the shelf.


doppelganger said...

Isn't the Bendis run proper on Spiderwoman about to start?

Didja try Moonknight?

Republic of Replicants said...

Tried to reply this morning but Blogger was being uncooperative.

The Bendis Spider-Woman still hasn't been solicited, but I am eagerly awaiting that one, too. As well as the upcoming White Tiger mini-series.

Yes, I finally did get Moon Knight #1.
While it didn't blow me away, it was much better than I expected.
I always have low hopes for any book that features a character I like. They seem to crew it up somehow.
The first issue was really just a set-up piece, though.

I almost forgot about the new Dr. Strange mini, too. But, alas, that's even further down the road.