Monday, May 15, 2006

Spotlight: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is one of the Indie bands that I currently like. Unlike most bands that get as much as exposure and critical success as they have, they actually seem worthy of all the praise.

Official website.
Get Funeral and the Arcade Fire EP at eMusic.

The Torture Garden has an alternate version of ""Neighbourhood#3 (Power Out).
Both Binky the Doormat and BadmintonStamps have an Arcade Fire cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps".
San Diego Serenade has a complete live show from January.
Mocking Music has an alternate version of "In the Backseat".
The Torture Garden also has a few rare acoustic and demo tracks of Arcade Fire.
Kwaya Na Kisser has their Radio 3 session for download.
Mocking Music also has an Arcade Fire cover of Magnetic Fields' "Born on a Train".
The Torture Garden (again!) has a crap-load of rare tracks.
And So Much Silence has another live set. This one's from September.

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