Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Video Game Changes...

Well, I done went and did it...

I sold my PSP. And all my games and movies.
Mostly because the only other two friends I had with one just did the same a few days prior.

So... What am I playing now?

I have a few friends and co-workers who've been trying to get me to get it and I've been putting it off because of my Everquest experience. For those not familiar, I had bought Everquest II just after it came out and installed it on my computer. It didn't let me know that it wouldn't run until after I activated the free month trial and went to play. Fifty bucks down the drain. Just like that. I met all the requirements except for pixel shading.

After that I swore off any new releases in fear that my computer just would not run them.

However, Final Fantasy XI runs very smooth on it and I hear it even works good on dial-up.

One of the clenchers for it is that it's available to play not only on PC but also on PS2 and X-Box 360. Not only does that mean that there's a lot more exposure for the game and, hence, more players but also if I ever switch to Playstation or X-Box, I can carry my account over.

Looks like I'll be posting screenshots, too. Much like I did when I was playing Star Wars Galaxies.

Here's the first one of my 11th level warrior, Saidar:

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