Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So I just read BATMAN/THE SPIRIT #1 and THE SPIRIT #1...

A couple of the best books I've read in a long time. Unlike most comics, I didn't end up with a feeling that there should have been more. Both stories were complete and still very entertaining.

The BATMAN/SPIRIT was particularly charming because we got to see a rather large part of Batman's rogues mingling with The Spirit's most well known foes. Drawn by Darwyn Cooke no less!
There were a few throwbacks to the '60s tv show with Robin doing at least one "Holy ____!" and a few crooked angle panels... And I didn't find myself complaining one bit.

Why can't there be a Batman book like this? With all the titles out there for him, what's one light-hearted book gonna hurt? Huh??

I have to say that Jeph Loeb did an excellent job with this and I would love to see him and Cooke collaborate again sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, Cooke proves to us in THE SPIRIT #1 that he's not incapable of telling a good story, himself. The story moves along at a steady pace and sets up the characters' personalities quite well.

I'm not sure if Ginger Coffee is a new character or not, but I'm betting she's going to be giving Ellen some grief over the next year or so. She's a perfect foil.

Ginger was quite appealing as the "Lois Lane" without remorse. I remember reading the previews with her describing their actions out loud and I was thinking there must have been something wrong with the character or Darwyn fell into a bad habit of over-exposition. After seeing what led to it and why, I could see how that fit so well.

The Pill was a unique oddity to be sure, somewhat reminiscent of Batman's Clayface. I'm sure we'll see more of him, but I don't see him becoming a major player anytime soon.

Oh and I thought the ticker news reports were a nice touch, too. I got a good chuckle out of a couple of them.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next issue.
And the next.
And... the next...

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