Sunday, June 27, 2010

Return of the Mad Movie Marathon!

Last week I started watching movies again.
Not just any movies... My Mad Mad Movies!

I'll be posting the movies (with online links if available for viewing) as I go along.

The first night we had:

(aka Monstrosity)

"Inside an evil mansion, a mad scientist and an old woman hire three young women as servants. Grave robbing and forced brain transplants by atomic power add to the horror, as the three women are chained... to the devil's love lab!"

Be on the lookout for such lines as "I have the same measurements as Marilyn Monroe! (giggle)" and "I don't want you running up and down stairs! Those pretty legs of yours'll get ugly muscles!".

I always wondered- if the length of time the bodies were dead effected the doctor's experiments why didn't he take the night-watchman's body. Guess only pretty young girls are acceptable.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable movie worthy of cult status.
Thumbs UP!
View online HERE!


"A crazed surgeon accidentally decapitates his attractive fiancee. He takes her head to his lab to keep it alive while he searches for a replacement body. But the resurrected head plots revenge - telepathically!"

A (not-so-quite) mad doctor decides to piece together his bride-to-be. What luck! Now he can have his wife with the body of his choosing!

Unfortunately, his fiancee doesn't agree and forms a partnership that could very well have been the inspiration for DC Comics' the Brain and Monsieur Mallah (of the Brotherhood of Evil).

Another film worth being in the collection.
Thumbs UP!
View online HERE!

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