Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm really starting to enjoy R.C. Harvey's blog, Hare Tonic (via the Comics Journal).

His most recent article explores the use in comic strips of tables and such to give characters a "hand puppet" look...

"Here’s a picture we almost never see.
Garfield’s Jon Arbuckle at full height. Usually, he appears from the chest up, he and his forever orange feline positioned at a “counter” or some other horizontal surface, and we see them as if they were hand puppets."

To read the rest, go here.

Another blog I watch out for is Dirk Manning's Write or Wrong (over at Newsarama).

Write or Wrong is a regular column where Dirk gives pointers to comic writers. I have found his advice very informative and I like to read what he has to say.

The latest installment is titled "Wagon Hitchin'" and can be read here.

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