Thursday, August 12, 2010

ComicSpace... Phoenix? Or Dodo?

So it appears that ComicSpace is down for "a major site upgrade".

What's ComicSpace, you ask?

Well... several years ago... when Myspace and Facebook were starting to become all the rage... someone thought "hey wouldn't it be cool if there was a social platform for comic creators? someplace where they could show their stuff and do some networking?"

And bam! There it was!

It was a hit when it started and everybody was joining up.

Unfortunately, it was short-lived as creators slowly wandered away from it. Recently, the sound of crickets would give an idea of the activity there.

I, myself, had an account there. For me it started as a place to host my comics. But with fewer and fewer people on there it eventually became a cheap alternative to image-hosting.

Today I read some other folk's thoughts of ComicSpace and I wonder if it ever did any good.

I think it would have been better if the updated comics page was on the front page. At least then people would see that there was a little activity. If you uploaded a new piece of art or comic page no one would know as the front page was mostly used to sell original art.

I'm curious as to what will become of ComicSpace and I'm glad I have the originals to my art since they're all inaccessible at the moment. As I said I've been using it mainly to host images for posting on message boards and outside my blog. I could switch to another.

I guess we'll see when the ashes settle. And I wonder if anyone will be upset if we get a dead bird...


smbhax said...

Hah, I hadn't thought of using ComicSpace for image hosting (I use ImageShack, that's a pretty handy one). I used it as a webcomic mirror, even though the lack of a "just updated" front page and an active commenting community (as far as I know--but the UI for it certainly wasn't inviting) were pretty off-putting from a webcomic point of view.

From one of The Daily Crosshatch comments, it sounds like ComicSpace might be coming back as some sort of WordPress-powered thing, which seems...curious. I can't imagine that all the old uploaded images will be carried over, but then again maybe that's what's taking them so long. It certainly did seem like nobody was really minding the store over there, so to speak (although amusingly enough the site is still up :P -- no comment in their blog about the main site outage).

Republic of Replicants said...

Yeah, I always thought it strange that the design wasn't very webcomic friendly.

When it first started the updates were more prominent on ComicSpace's homepage but as the site got older the updates were limited to bulletins and pushed to the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, the upper half was reserved for selling original art and site update notices for ComicSpace, itself, which were infrequent.

I had just uploaded some new art to post on a message board a few hours before it went down. I discovered it when all my images disappeared from the message thread.