Friday, August 20, 2010

Dallas Comic Con

Dallas Comic Con
Aug. 28-29

Richardson Civic Center
411 W Arapaho Rd
Richardson, TX

Saturday 11AM-6PM
Sunday 12PM-4PM

Guests include:
Keith Pollard
Adam Warren
Angel Medina
Mark Brooks
Pat Broderick
June Brigman
Roy Richardson
Kerry Gammill
Kez Wilson
Ben Dunn
James O’Barr
Josh Howard
Joe Eisma
Steve Erwin
John Lucas
Brian Denham
Andrew Mangum
David Hopkins
Brent Peeples
Evan Bryce
Cal Slayton
Richard Dominguez
Lawrence Reynolds
Katrina Hill
The Variants
Comic Book Divas
Jeff Balke
Taylor Lymbery
Rob Payne
Jordan Taylor
Robert James Luedke
Bill Williams
David Doub

I wouldn't mind meeting Adam Warren and Ben Dunn. I was planning to go this year but I couldn't get off work for the Saturday. I've taken off the following Monday so I can go on Sunday (my normal day off). Not sure if I will be going as I wanted to have 'NUTHER WORLD COMICS MEGAMIX #1 done by then. I'm way behind schedule with just over a week left. Working six days a week doesn't leave a lot of room to do anything else and sometimes I'm tempted to just stop trying.

We'll see how it goes.

For more info on this year's Dallas Comic Con, go here.

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