Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Digital Decisions

I've taken 2000 AD off of my DCBS order list.

I've decided to instead go digital with it through Clickwheel. While it would have only been $15 through DCBS, it's $12 at Clickwheel and I can use the extra $3 to pick up the Judge Dredd Megazine each month, too.
Another plus is that if I go the DCBS route and I miss a month of ordering I lose out on four issues that cannot be found in the states. With Clickwheel I will never miss an issue and can purchase each one as I read them.

Only downside for me is that I'm on a netbook and I wish I could see the whole page at once. Maybe one day I'll have an iPad...

If you go there, also check out Droid Life Christmas (free), 2000 AD Origins (the first issue is free), Judge Dredd: Fifty Year Man (free), Judge Dredd: Metro Strips (free) and Ten Seconders: The American Dream (free).

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