Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Old Potluck Resource Links

Here's an assortment of online resources that I find useful at times.

Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists -Includes four Andrew Loomis Anatomy Books: Creative Illustration, Drawing The Head and Hands, Figure Drawing for all it's Worth and Successful Drawing.

Random Name Generator
-uses US Census data.

Random Word and Random Image Generator -great for when you need an idea or for writing exercises.

Gag Writing Tool -gives you a random character, setting and prop to help with gag cartoon writing.

Wikipedia -everything there is to know. The "random" feature is cool.

Paul Levitz's Story Paradigm - a story structure to make subplots work more effectively.

Random Location Generator - when you need an idea for a setting or location.

The Dave Sim's Notes From The President Archive - Dave Sim's editorials from CEREBUS. Includes several useful "how-to" articles.

Lester Dent's Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot

Wally Woods 22 Panels that Always Work

Electronic texts:
Project Gutenberg
The Online Books Page
The Online Medieval & Classical Library

Comic Awards:
Comic Book Awards Almanac
Kirby Awards
Eisner Awards
Harvey Awards
Eagle Awards

Print on Demand:
Ka-Blam (comics sold through IndyPlanet)

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