Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Previews of 'Nuther World Comics Megamix

I'm currently working on the first two issues of 'Nuther World Comic Megamix.

The first issue will have The Extremists (finally), Diegos, Driftwood and various short pieces (including a Mis-Adventure! strip) to round it out.

Issue #2 will have the first appearance of Roxie Tiger and the Hope Squad. It will also contain The Extremists and Diegos. Plus more odds and ends to fill it up.

Here's a few sneak peeks:

The Extremists.

I'm finding this one to be the most difficult as the first three pages were done years ago and I'm going to try to finish the story. Currently slated to be a three-parter.

Diegos and the Queen of Peril.

A sword-and-sorcery tale. Diegos and his friend Morden face Larissa, the Queen of Peril. Six-parter.


On the far-reaches of space a special group of people fill the ranks of the United Space Police's Driftwood unit. Think Police Academy meets the Legion of Substitute-Heroes.

Roxie Tiger and the Hope Squad.

Roxie makes her debut and brings along a few friends who are out to prove that the world isn't going to end, the nation isn't all that corrupt and there is a future worth living. Three-parter.

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