Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New 2000 AD Online Releases

Recent 2000 AD ebooks released through Clickwheel.

2000 AD

PROG #1701
DEAD IN THE WATER! -- Defoe defends the Tower from the Zombie hordes -- featuring Judge Dredd, Defoe, Age of the Wolf, Low Life and Nokolai Dante -- Only $2.99 US (retails for $3.75 US)

Judge Dredd: The Skinning Room (Part 2)
(John Wagner/Chris Blythe)
Defoe: A Murder of Angels (Part 2)
(Pat Mills/Leigh Gallagher)
Age of the Wolf: Age of the Wolf (Part 2)
(Alec Worley/Jon Davis-Hunt)
Low Life: Hostile Takeover (Part 2)
(Rob Williams/D'Israeli)
Nikolai Dante: City of the Damned (Part 2)
(Robbie Morrison/Simon Fraser)


MEG #301
CUTTING CLASS -- Judge Inspector Inaba meets the next generation of law enforcement -- Featuring Judge Dredd, Lilly Mackenzie, Judge Anderson, Hondo-City Justice, Armitage AND MORE! -- Includes free Judge Dredd graphic novel! Over 150 pages in total! -- $3.99 US (retails $10.99 US)

Judge Dredd: The Natural
(Gordon Rennie/Graeme Neil Reid/Gary Erskine)
Lilly Mackenzie: The Mines of Charybdis (Part 4)
(Simon Fraser)
Judge Anderson: The House of Vyle (Part 2)
(Alan Grant/Boo Cook)
Judge Inspector Inaba: Hondo-City Justice (Part 2)
(Robbie Morrison/Neil Googe)
Armitage : The Unpleasantness at the Tontine Club (Part 2)
(Dave Stone/John Cooper)
A Volume of Dredd stories featuring the eye-popping art of one of 2000 AD's most influential contributors.

(2000 AD and JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE are published by 2000 AD/Rebellion.)

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