Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Dungeons & Dragons Comic Series

I found myself at a Hastings the other day. I don't see comics for sell anywhere around here so I don't have an opportunity to flip through comics like some people do. And I honestly believe that my selection of comics would change dramatically if I had that chance to glance at comics each week.

But there I was. And there were the comics.

I was already considering pre-ordering IDW's DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS #1 for November and I was gonna have to wait til then to see what to expect. But there was #0. On a shelf. A shelf devoted to... comics.

So I picked it up and figured it's only $1 so why not?

Not bad at all. I found the first story very entertaining and the characters were quite like-able. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this merry band.

The second story, which is a preview of another D&D title, DARK SUN, may not have been as great but I liked it a good deal more than what I've seen in reviews. I was really taken by the art. I may have to pick that one up, too, when it starts in January.

Something I found appealing was Andrea Di Vito's involvement in this. Dungoens & Dragons is a licensed property and most comics based on licensed properties tend to be lackluster and try to sell just on the name. However, IDW has built their success around their handling of such books and they didn't go into it half-hearted.

Plus, in a cross-promotion tactic, we get something that very much reminded me of the old cartoons made to sell action figures strategy of the '80s... In each issue of D&D will be a write-up (in current edition rules) of a character that appeared in the comic, itself. #0 had the stats for the Young Black Dragon that attacks the heroes in the main story. If anything will draw gamers in and get them reaing it's that. Awesome idea.

There's also mention of another series based on Forgotten Realms to come out after Dark Sun and IDW is planning to reprint all the old DC Comics D&D material into thick omnibus trade paperbacks.

If you've been thinking about picking up DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS #0, I recommend doing just that. Especially at just a dollar. It's worth a try. You may like it.

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