Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pood #2 Out in November

Oddly enough, there's no mention of this on their website but POOD #2 will be coming out in November, according to PREVIEWS.

Here's the solicitation for it:


(W/A) Jim Rugg, Joe Infumari, Sara Edward Corbett, Hans Rickheit, Various.
Featuring some of the brightest talents in alternative comics in a big, colorful broadsheet newspaper right out of the Golden Age of Sunday Comics - every page of pood #2, is loaded with imaginative cartooning, rich story-telling, and hilarious escapades! Every one of pood's 16 enormous pages is a big, beautiful work of art!

I know I'll be getting it. #1 was pretty good. The only problems I had with the first issue were printing related and hopefully they have learned from it and this one will be even better.

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