Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Print and Play Games

Dwarfstar Games put out quite a few sci-fi/fantasy boardgames back in the early '80s.

They have made almost all of them available online to print and play.
These include:
Barbarian Prince - A solo game of heroic combat in a forgotten age of barbarism and sorcery.
Demonlord - The epic game of sorcery and conquest.
Goblin - A fantasy game of raiding and plunder.
Grav Armor - A game of armored combat on far-flung planets.
Outpost Gamma - A game of man-to-man combat on a colonial world of the far future.
Star Smuggler - A complete programmed adventure for one player.
Star Viking - A game of interstellar raiding and plunder.

I've downloaded them all and I'm currently learning to play Star Smuggler. It's a lot more complex than one would imagine. I can tell that it's going to take several trial runs for me to get the mechanics of this game down. So far I've learned how to run from combat!

If you're interested, Board Game Geek has a great list of "print and play" games here. Most of them are free and a lot of them have solo play options.

Solo games are great for me as I work 48 hours a week spread over six days and can never get with any of my friends. Not that I would really want to as I tend to go into "hide and retreat" mode when I'm not at work (it's a very stressful job and I deal with people all day). My one day off happens to be Sundays (when most everything is closed here) and I spend that day getting ready for the next week of work. Exciting, huh?

Another solo game that I really liked was Star Wars: Corellian Smuggler. This game was printed in Shadis Magazine #27 and came complete with counters. I have the mag somewhere in storage and the counters may be lost. I really want to dig it back out now, though. Board Game Geek has a bit of info on this game, including photos, here. It's not a "print and play" game but I remember it being very similar to Star Smuggler (albeit much less complex).

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