Harken Back... If You Will...

 In light of me losing interest in the New52 due to several factors (not least of all being how they've amped up the grittiness, gore and t&a in the comics), I've decided to return to the 1980s...

 Granted, there have been a few good ideas coming from the New52 (mostly with the re-integration of the Vertigo characters in the Dark line) but most of it seems haphazard at best (to the point of feeling much like fan-fiction) and I have a hard time recommending the books to anyone.

 So I've returned to the glory days of DC. Here's where I'm starting at... The September 1980 cover dated comics you see before you.

 I chose this particular month because it's the month DC added back-up features to most of their comics. It also puts me a couple months before the launch of New Teen Titans. I'm going to go forward from here, limiting myself (as best I can) to twelve issues a month. I know I'll be getting thirteen for the January 1981 month but that'll be the last issue of Adventure Comics I'll be getting.

 I think the end point will be around Zero Hour. The Death of Superman, Knightfall and JLI Breakdowns leads to a nice conclusion, I think. This will give me plenty of comics to read and I can leave the New52 to those who are enjoying it.

 For more information on the books above, including characters, stories and creators check out Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics! He has a groovy time-warp machine that can take you to any point in comics history. Well, except the future (unless you count the Legion).


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