Saturday, October 06, 2012

New Crusaders: More Info

In a recent interview with Newsarama, Archie President Mike Pellerito had this to say about the NEW CRUSADERS series:

Archie is often equated with "all ages" comics, but Pellerito said these comics are not aimed at kids. Instead, it's got an older feel to it — without being dark or gritty. "We want this to reach the biggest audience possible," Pellerito said. "The Avengersmovie got it right. I went to see the movie twice, and it was successful as it was because it went out to everybody.

"New Crusaders is like that. I wouldn't necessarily put it in front of an Archie reader," he said, "but I wouldn't be horrified if an Archie reader read it, the way I might if they picked up one of those modern Marvel or DC books that kind of scare me, that I don't want to leave out with my kids around the house. Some of the stuff other companies do is great, but the thinking around Avengers was perfect. Big, bright, amazing colors, superheroes you want to root for, a couple of jerks, a couple of supervillains, a couple people die along the way, and I think we struck that right balance here with New Crusaders."

Later in the interview:

While it does revive the original stories, Pellerito said it does not "reboot" anything. "The one thing that bugs me about comic book reboots, and I hate to pick on other companies, but you know, you dedicate so much time, and you read these comic books for a year or five years or 20 years, and all of the sudden, all the time you've invested and all the things you've memorized are now useless," he said. "And that just drives me nuts.

To read the rest of the interview go here.

Also, check out another Newsarama feature, "Continuity Not a Dirty Word" to see how exactly Archie/Red Circle plans to continue the legacy of the original Crusaders.

BTW- the two variant covers you see here are by Rich Buckler (#4) and Francesco Francavilla (#5).

Rich was one of the main artists on the Archie/Red Circle titles in the '80s and it's great to see him draw the new breed.

Francesco is a very talented artist who made a name for himself doing retro-style covers for several of Dynamite Comics titles as well as a long stint on Zorro with Matt Wagner. Currently, Francesco is doing his own thing with a character called Black Beetle over at Dark Horse Comics. He can also be found over at Pulp Sunday, his art blog devoted to pulp fiction and mystery men.

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