Friday, October 12, 2012

Sci-Fi Gaming Resources

I'm making this post mainly so I, myself, can find these resources more quickly when I need them.

Maybe someone else could use this information.

Traveller at Mongoose Publishing
MGT-Aids · Fan Aids for Mongoose Pub's Traveller
Mongoose Traveller resources at RPGNow
Spica Publishing Resources for Traveller at RPGNow
All Traveller resources at RPGNow
Mongoose's Signs & Portents Magazine at RPGNow
Freelance Traveller
Into the Deep
The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society
Far Future Enterprises -has a nice guide to Understanding Traveller
Spica Publishing
SFRPG Message Board
Random Traveller System Generator
Traveller: Heaven & Earth -great world building software
Guide to Traveller UPP (Universal Planetary Profile)
Travelling Alone -nice optional solo Traveller flowchart

Shadowrun resources at RPGNow
Sci-Fi resources at RPGNow
Alternity resources
Star Smuggler resources
Star Frontiersman
DC Heroes - Blood of Heroes - M.E.G.S. Yahoo group
Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game
Seventh Sanctum -lots of random generators

Mythic/Solo Play
Mythic Fan Club/Resources
Solo Nexus
Shaun's Solo Traveller

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