Monday, October 01, 2012

Super-Hero Role-playing: DC Heroes Revisited

 I went ahead and re-purchased the 1st Edition of Mayfair Game DC Heroes role-playing game on ebay recently and the copy I bought didn't have the cards or counters with it. It also didn't have the Gamemaster Manual but I still had my old beat-up copy.

 So, I set out to make my own personal cards for the game. I didn't like the big bulky size of the original cards anyway. 2nd Edition had cards but they just looked so plain on white backgrounds and I wanted to have the primary stats on the front like they were in 1st Edition.

 These were the characters that made it. Note that I'm not including the stats. They can be found in the original books or you can find updated stats for several characters at

Gallery of Heroes:

Gallery of Villains:
The third villain there is actually a re-colored Riddler that I'm using for Bookworm ('60s Batman TV villain). Dracula is the Marvel version with stats used from False Face is a re-colored and edited Johnny Sorrow. And the re-colored Zatanna I'm using for Zelda the Great (another Batman TV villain).

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