Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MSH Cards - X-Men, Phase 1, plus Danger Room

Here are cards for the first and second generation X-Men.

Their tokens:

The Danger Room from the Nintendo X-Men game...
It's 14 squares wide by 24 squares long. I would suggest dividing the length into two 14 x 12 segments for purposes of random trap placements.

The two corridors (2x3 each) are not counted. you could also add traps there by using a 1D6 on each.

The best resources for the Danger Room for me has always been the piece in Children of the Atom and the Dragon Magazine feature.
Also, if you have Mutants & Masterminds, there's some nice Danger Room material in it, too.

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Jay Exonauts said...

These are fantastic! Is it okay if I use these for a game this weekend? Do you have versions with their powers on the back? So cool!!!