More Young Justice Cards for DC Heroes RPG

Phase two of the Young Justice character cards.
I took a bit more liberty with these.
You may notice a few new characters or looks/names.
I tried to fit everyone in that I wanted.

Stats are not perfect. I winged it for most of them. Where possible, I referred to their DCU counterparts and lowered the stats a bit to adjust for age and lack of experience.
Any suggestions would be accepted.

Donna Troy became Troia because I wanted to keep the Cassie version of Wonder Girl available.

Kyle Rayner became Ion because I felt he would fit the team better in that identity than as a Green Lantern. Powers could be from a ring, a ring particle or inborn. And the fan art I found online really fit that concept.

I chose to call the Tim Drake Robin "Red Robin" to keep Robin available. Although Nightwing is still added, as well.

I also chose to call Bart Allen "Impulse" to keep Kid Flash available.

Hawk & Dove got major changes. I found a couple nice fan art pieces of Hawkgirl and converted them into a pair of Thanagarian sisters that have been selected by the Lords of Order and Chaos.
Powers would be similar to Hank Hall and Dawn Granger with flight added by their wings.
Dove may or may not have some light based powers.

I found a fan art drawing that really fit Pantha, so I touched it up and added her.

So without delay...


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