D6 Adventure - Post-Modern Adagio: The Details

Post-Modern Adagio is a Solo D6 Adventure that I plan to run this month.
The Prelude starts here.
I have plans for the campaign to last longer than the first adventure, with new heroes joining and leaving, but the introductory story will feature just one protagonist to help ease me back into solo rpg gaming.

I'll be using D6 Adventure, with both the body points & wounds options, and the static defense rules from MiniSix for combat.

I'm also adding the Sorcery and Gadgetry skills from D6 Powers, replacing the regular D6 magic system with the more DC Heroes approach of mimicking powers with Sorcery as seen in D6 Powers.
Psionics will likely stay the same, but using the mental powers from D6 Powers.
Also, I'm going to expand/improve on the Magical Wyrds with World of Darkness Mage's Paradox rules and include 'vulgar' uses of magic as automatic causes for Wyrds.
And will be including a 'Sanity' stat, derived from Presence and Perception, that will work much like a mental Body Points/Wounds where characters acquire psychological afflictions at each Sanity Wound level and it takes longer to recover from. Any physical wound damage taken by a Psionic or Magic attack will also effect the Sanity wound level equally.
And witnessing a vulgar use of magic without having the Arcane Gift advantage may have a minor chance of causing sanity loss.

And in rare cases, witnessing a vulgar use of magic may also unlock a character's magic potential and give them the Arcane Gift advantage, providing they have at least 2D in Presence.

I will also be including my old house rules for magic use being modified by biorythms and moon phases, using the Places of Power modifiers as a template.

The world I'm going for is a non-metahuman pulp/supernatural adventure, with magic and psionics that aren't used openly in public.
Or if they are used in public, they're disguised or hidden behind 'acts of coincidence'.

Sample characters appropriate for the setting: Private Detectives, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, Secret Agents, Occultists, Stage Magicians, Treasure Seekers, Paranormal Investigators, Masked Mystery Men (and Women), Street Rogues.

Meanwhile, for the GM emulation, I'll be using Mythic for the most part, with the more simplified chart from ABS12.
ABS12 has an option for using 2D6 and it's a bit quicker.

To determine Sanity, I take the lowest attribute between Perception and Presence, multiply the die code by 3, add the pips and then add 20.

Private Detective
Age: 30
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 146 lbs.

Reflexes 3D+1
Coordination 2D+1
Physique 2D+2
Knowledge 2D+2
Perception 3D+1
Presence 3D+2

Body Points 28
Sanity 30
Strength Damage 1D
Funds 3D
Move 10

Block 13
Dodge 13
Parry 10
Soak 8

Brawling 4D+1
Dodge 4D+1
Marksmanship 3D+1
Investigation 4D+1
Search 5D
Streetwise 4D
Charm 4D
Intimidation 4D

Handgun (damage 4D, ammo 6, range 10/25/40)
Cell phone
Pen flashlight
Large car (Move 62 (44 kph), Toughness 5D, Maneuverability +1D)

Wound Levels:
28 Full Health
23-27 Bruised
17-22 Stunned
11-16 Wounded
6-10 Severely Wounded
3-5 Incapacitated
1-2 Mortally Wounded
0 Dead

Authority: Law (R1), private investigator’s license
Contacts (R1), he knows people on both sides of the law in the city
Equipment (R1), large car

Employed (R1), he often takes cases only for the money
Enemy (R1), a former police commissioner that he investigated makes his life miserable whenever possible, which is fortunately not very often
Quirk (R1), bit of a dreamer

Fate Points 1
Character Points 5


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