Ruins Romp 1.2

_ I continue straight down the scaffolding.

_ Noteworthy Room (0, 2)
Feature: To the left is covered with dirt
Treasure -Beneath something (failed to spot - rolled 33)

Masks not in this room. [X][][][][]

(X's are black/walls; O's are white/passageways)


_ Arcturus Asriv
Today at 2:19 AM
/gm does the dirt on the wall hide a secret passage? vu
GM EmulatorBOT
Today at 2:19 AM
[Very Unlikely] (3d10 => (1,5,1) => 1) does the dirt on the wall hide a secret passage?
No, and...
No and there's something in the dirt, roll Endurance

Success (99)
Whatever it was, it didn't effect me and I brush my hands clean.

_ Arcturus Asriv
Today at 2:34 AM
/gm is there a rat in this room? u
GM EmulatorBOT
Today at 2:34 AM
[Unlikely] (2d10 => (9,6) => 6) is there a rat in this room?
Yes, but...
Yes, but it's dead and mostly just a skeleton

(No luck on finding a lure or distraction for the lion. And since this is a dead end and the scaffolding doesn't go down the side passage, I'll have to deal with the lion with my pistol.)

_ Lion 
F EX (20) 
A GD (10) 
S GD (10) 
E EX (20) 
R FB (2) 
I FB (2) 
P FB (2) 
Health: 60 
 Attack on Edged 
Move 2 areas per round
_ I climb back up the scaffolding and go back into the hall.
Then I shoot at the lion
One-shot kill (97)

_ I climb down to the floor and proceed to the side passage.


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