Ruins Romp 1.3 and 1.4

I climb down to the floor and proceed to the side passage.

Non-Noteworthy Hall (1,3)
Content: Statues, crudely made

Dead end.
I pause for a minute to admire the statures then return to the entrance and take the left stairs down.

Noteworthy Hall (stairs) (10)
Feature: The ceiling is littered (6,9) (This didn't make sense, so I swapped the numbers and got-) The ceiling is intricately carved (9,6)
Trap - Acid/Quicklime - In entrance way/Vibrations trigger

Intuition roll to notice trap
(rolled 60; Green) -1CS to dodge/avoid (*see notes)
Agility to dodge/avoid, -1CS
(rolled 63, Green) Dodged

Once I know it's safe, I continue down the hall as it turns left.


Added a few more House Rules-

5. If you roll a dead end and you have no other unexplored paths and have seen less than five rooms, discard the roll and roll again.

6. If you’re rolling for a tile exiting stairs, the first tile is restricted to being a Hall.

7. When rolling to notice Traps:
White indicates Trap not noticed, no Dodge allowed.
Green indicates Trap barely noticed, -1CS to Agility for Dodging.
Yellow indicates Trap noticed in time to Dodge, no modifier to Agility for Dodging.
Red indicates Trap noticed in plenty of time to Dodge, +1CS to Agility for Dodging.

If Criticals are being used:
Critical Failure means the Player takes double damage.
Critical Success means the Player automatically Dodges the Trap.


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