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D6 Space - The Mark of CAIN, Part Two


 J'kara stares down her foe, calculating its movement.
The robot is devoid of emotion, a heap of metal, wires and lights.
But it was also slow. J'kara finds no trouble getting the first move and she tries to make it count.

Gracefully leaping to put herself between the robot and the door, her fists slam into the robot, pushing it back but barely effecting it otherwise.
"Hmph," J'kara exclaims, "I freed the door, Diegos! This robot may take a while!"

The robot attempts to strike J'kara, succeeding in hitting her but she shrugs it off.

Diegos rushes out the door in search of Verge as J'kara and the robot continue their deadly game of tag.

J'kara slides her blaster out and quickly takes a shot at the robot. With a flash of bright light and a powerful sound of metal being shredded, the blaster sends the robot reeling.
Stumbling forward for a second, it soon collapses to the floor into a smoldering heap of metal and smoke.


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