Monday, December 22, 2014

Marvel Super-Heroes Basic RPG Cards Bonus

Bonus card for the set...
Black costume Spider-Man.

And his token.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Marvel Super-Heroes Basic RPG Cards

For use with the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG, which can be found at ClassicMarvelForever.

These are the characters that were included in the Basic Set.

For powers and abilities. the earliest stats for each are as follows:
Captain America: Time Trap/Avengers Assembled
Captain Marvel: Avengers Assembled
Spider-Man: New York, New York
Wolverine: Project: Wideawake
Human Torch: Murderworld
Invisible Woman: Murderworld (Invisible Girl at the time)
Mister Fantastic: Murderworld
Thing: Murderworld

Here are the separate portraits, which can be used as map counters/tokens for the characters, also.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Superfriends Cards

JLA/Superfriends cards to use with either Marvel Super-Heroes or DC Heroes RPGs.
Would make a good starter set.
For these I used just Alex Ross art for the figures to keep them uniform.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Random Superhero Adventure Generation

These are from a couple old DC Heroes books.
First we have a random generator for adventures from the 1st Edition Gamemaster book.
Worth noting is that it needs some modifying to be perfected.

First, the villain list. Obviously, you'll want to put villains in that are appropriate for your campaign. Whether Marvel, DC or others. And then of course, ones that are the right power level. However, you also may want to ditch that chart altogether and make your own.
Because it's 2D10. Which means the ones in the middle will be more recurring and #s 2 and 20 will hardly ever appear. It's best to use 1D20, a percentile (1D100) chart or a chart with multiple 1D6 or 1D10 sub-charts.

Second, you may want to change the locations.
I recommend using Adamant Entertainment's Modern Dispatch #42: Pulp Adventure Generator for businesses and/or crimes.
Also, Adamant put out several other random generators in the Modern Dispatch, including one for Superheroes. Constructive GMs can utilize it with this to make some exciting adventures.

Something else I prefer to do is on the villain power list, roll 1D10: on a roll of 1-9 randomly select from any powers, on a roll of 10 randomly select two powers. These would be the main powers. Then do it again for secondary powers. This opens up more powers to use.

If your using DC Heroes, just put higher APs in the first set of powers. If you're using Marvel Super-Heroes, you may want to use two separate charts to randomly determine power levels. For instance, for primary powers, use one that ranges up to Amazing or Monstrous. And for Secondary powers, you could use one that stops at Excellent or Remarkable.

Plus, this is a random chart for urban crimes that appeared in Night in Gotham. The book, itself, is quite useful as it has a treasure trove of adventure seeds. The chart is set up with each district of Gotham having its own percentages for certain crimes. This could easily be translated into any large city like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. Or a fictional city from the comics or one you create, yourself.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Marvel Knights

And because I also like the other extreme... Here are cards for the street level characters of Marvel.
These could be used for starter set of characters for a Marvel Knights campaign.

Marvel Cosmic

My fave adventure books from the classic Marvel Super-Heroes RPG was the cosmic series - Cosmos Cubed, Ragnarok and Roll and Left Hand of Eternity.
Probably one of the biggest reasons I developed a fondness for Marvel's cosmic characters.

There are stats in the books but there were no cards, which would've been pretty cool.
So here are some I put together for the game.
The books, and the core rules, can be downloaded from ClassicMarvelForever.