Tuesday, August 31, 2004

MP3: Love and Rockets

Here's a band that surfaced out of the underground long enough in the late '80s/early '90s to gain enough fans to carry them through until Ash went off on a solo career.
Taking their name from a wonderful independent comic created by Los Bros Hernandez, Love and Rockets grew out of an older group named Bauhaus.

Bauhaus was a bit more darker and gothic, doing tracks like Bela Lugosi's Dead.

Love and Rockets scratched the pop surface with So Alive. Then went back under.

Nevertheless, with both them and the Cure gaining exposure on MTV at the same time, I slowly started to find a liking for post-modern rock.

Another Radio Station...

I found another internet radio station to add to my list of great stations to listen to.
Frobozz Radio (Alternative Rock Electronic)
They have a searchable request list so you can listen to what you want to.

And here are the last two again:
Limbik Frequencies (Ambient Electronic) - Limbik also has a searchable request list.
Deviant on Ice (Ambient Chillout)

'NWC Pencils

I found a saved pic of my pencils for 'Nuther World Comics #1. My inking and coloring kinda muddles up the original art a bit.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

"...Internet Killed the Video Star..."

Perhaps you're familiar with The Buggles' song that became MTV's first video ever played. The same video that spearheaded what would become the Video Age of music.
Previously, only musical talent ensured success for an artist. Listeners associated themselves with the songs more easily and found something easy to relate to.

But then came video. And with it a whole new way of selling music. Images bombarded viewers with already fashioned interpretations of the songs. Artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson learn to manipulate the art form, quickly becoming superstars as they learn that they have an extra boost to get attention and express their ideas.
While artists that have a good sound, but hardly any video presence, are left on the wayside.

The same thing happened to the movie industry when sound was introduced. Silent film stars suddenly found themselves out of work because they didn't have a good enough voice. Some found a way around by having someone else dub over them (kinda like Milli Vanilli).

Now we face another change as internet has made lesser known artists get the same strength as mainstream musicians by playing on the same battlefield where everyone's equal.
You can easily find an internet radio station that plays genre-specific music that you like. Top 40 slowly is becoming the next elevator or grocery store music as it fades into the background of thought. Will Top 40 ever go away? Not likely as it's the one form of art, besides movies, that we as a society relate to each other.
Cable TV has pretty much done away with the daily water-cooler talk about the previous nights' network showings. With as many choices as we have now, hardly anyone watches the same thing.

This is where the internet thrives most. It allows those people who do share common interests to interact. How many people at your job has seen Aeon Flux? Or Bubblegum Crisis? Or even care about such things? Who at your local bar watches anything on the Independent Film Channel?

Anyway, as I step off of my tangent, I'm going to introduce you to two nice internet radio stations I've found this week.
Limbik Frequencies (Ambient Electronic)
Deviant on Ice (Ambient Chillout)


Friday, August 27, 2004

Pic: Shadow Lass

Here's my drawing of another member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. This one's name is Shadow Lass. She was the last one I did before my computer crashed, so I don't have a color pic of her.
Perhaps I'll do one someday.

2000 AD #1404

A.B.C. Warriors - The Shadow Warriors: Book 2 (Part 5)
Bec & Kawl - Hell To Pay (Part 4)
Caballistics, Inc. - Creepshow (Part 4)
Judge Dredd - Big Deal at Drekk City (Part 5)
Tharg's Future Shocks - The Shape of Things to Come

2000 AD Official Website
DC Comics

Thursday, August 26, 2004

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

I've actually had some time off from both my jobs over the last day or so. I've worked forty hours since Monday morning.
So, I went and spent some of my well earned free time wandering around Dantooine killing quenkers.

Of course, I'm talking about my playing Star Wars Galaxies. An awesome game. Truly one of the better MMORPGs (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games- see why they shorten it down?).
Anyway, here are some screenshots of my character, Roebi Asriv:

This is the load screen. I'm currently a Novice Rifleman. I still can't decide if I'm gonna go towards Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Sniper or Master Marksman.

This is me at my favorite hangout, The Lucky Despot. I may be re-locating if I can find an Imperial-ran casino. Tip: don't play the Lugjack (Slots) machine. You'll never win anything substantial. The Jubilee Wheel (Roulette), however, is highly reccomended as I've doubled my money quite a few times on it.

This is me wandering around on Dantooine. I'm trying to find a nice spot to take a piss. Note: I always carry my gun into the woods. You never know who, or what, you'll run into.

And here I am enjoying speeder-skiing on Dantooine. Yes, I know my gun's still equipped. I was on my way to killing some assassins. I kinda got sidetracked when I found the water.

Monday, August 23, 2004

X-Box Update

Well... I'm still trying to decide what game to get for my X-Box (whenever I get it). I got me a magazine with some demos and tried them out on a friend's X-Box.
Out of all the demos, I thought Thief was the best. There were a couple military games (I dislike military games), a racer and a mech combat game. Also, there was a 2-D side-scroller that I thought looked cool, but my friends didn't see the point of.

Thief had some nice elements to it. Especially the way it uses the vibration to help pick locks. I really like the sneaking around. Don't care much for the voice-actor, though. Sounds like he's over-acting a bit much.
The controls were nice. And I love the robotic zooming eye.
But... it's third-person. That may take a while to get used to. Strangely, I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies in third-person lately. Maybe I do like the format... I just don't want to admit it.

Possible game buys:
Ninja Gaiden
Halo 2
Splinter Cell
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack
Star Wars: Kinghts of the Old Republic
Metal Gear Solid 2
Deus Ex: Invisible War

2000 AD #1403

(Info coming a little late as 2000 AD's website just got updated.)

A.B.C. Warriors - The Shadow Warriors: Book 2 (Part 4)
Bec & Kawl - Hell To Pay (Part 3)
Caballistics, Inc. - Creepshow (Part 3)
Judge Dredd - Big Deal at Drekk City (Part 4)
One Off - Work Experience
Strontium Dog - The Headly Foot Job (Part 4)

2000 AD Official Website
DC Comics

Sunday, August 22, 2004

MP3: My Secret Life on Acid

A while back I used to mess around with a program called AcidMusic. I still have it, even. AcidMusic is a music-mixing program you can make songs or remixes, using sounds and loops in the form of .wav files.
Once finished, you can convert them to MP3s and post them on their website, AcidPlanet, to share with others.

AcidPlanet usually had contests going where they supplied the loops and samples and you were to compete with others to make an original and entertaining mix. I entered into a few of these.

I originally got into this by playing around with MTV's Music Generator that was available on Playstation. From there I got the PC version. Then I found out about Acid.

You can check out all my old tracks here.

Probably one of my better attempts at mixing, Androgeny, was done for a Garbage remix contest. At the time I made it I was into Jermaine Dupri's So-So Def brand of hip-hop.

MP3: Photek

Back before I knew the definition of Drum'N'Bass, I discovered Photek through MTV's Amp series. One video in particular caught my attention, "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Two Swords Technique)". This video was in black and white and consisted of nothing more than a samurai warrior battling several enemies. Very stylish and still worth seeing, the video led me to broaden my musical horizons.

The video was available for viewing over at Launch.com, I believe. But I can't seem to find it now. If you see it anywhere, be sure to check it out.

Here is the MP3 of Ni Ten Ichi Ryu for your listening pleasure.

I remember one of the reasons this video got me so easily was because I was really into Bushido Blade on the Playstation at the time. We would play that game every-friggin-day. The first Bushido Blade, not the second one. Anyone who's played them will tell you that the first one had the better gameplay. It was just lacking in the number of characters you could play. But that was still not a bad quality.

And Drum'N'Bass not only makes great music to swordfight to, but also to practice your ninja stances and strikes. Be sure to stay in form, though, and keep focused.

Oh, wow! While I was looking for a link to the video I found that elusive Amp List that I mentioned I was looking for. Here it is! I'm sooo happy!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

PowerMojo and The Rise of the Sentinels

Two seperate comics I have enjoyed reading online, PowerMojo and Rise of the Sentinels are just too good to be kept a secret.

So here I am to share them with you.

This talented guy I know, Renzo (aka Locohead), has been pouring himself into these stories. He both writes and draws Sentinels, while he does the art for PowerMojo.

Rise of the Sentinels is more of a fantasy piece and if you like Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings or any of that sort of stuff you should feel quite comfortable reading it. And Renzo's art just keeps getting better and better!

But don't take my word for it. Head over to PowerMojo now and check out the comics!

Watch Bjork Videos

If you like Bjork, here is a nice stream of her videos.
(Requires Winamp.)
Bjorks's videos are known for their weirdness and innovativeness. This site has a song-by-song rundown of the tracks on her greatest hits album, along with information and stills from the videos for each song.

Every artist should have one of these!

RPG: Elektra for Shadowrun

Back when I discovered Shadowrun, a futuristic version of Dungeons and Dragons, I started to convert Marvel and DC's urban characters to that system for use in my campaigns.

Elektra was the first one I ever did for Shadowrun. She was also the only one that I ever documented for that system.

Role-players could argue about which system is the best for near-future, cyberpunk adventuring. And they'll mostly agree that Shadowrun was the best of it's time. Wizards of the Coast has introduced a Modern version of their D20 system, as well as a supernatural expansion- Urban Arcana, which together eliminates the need for a Shadowrun product in today's market.

I do reccomend at least checking it out, though. The character generation was one of the most original concepts. And it is very inspiring.

Anyway, I now present to you...

Elektra Natchios

Street Samurai

Body: 5
Quickness: 6
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 6
Essence: 5.8
Reaction: 5
Initiative: 5+(1d6)

Dice Pools:

Combat: 8


Armed Combat 4/Edged Weapons 6/Sai 8
Unarmed Combat 3/ Martial Arts 5/ Ninjutsu 7
Athletics 4
Greek/English 5
Stealth 4
Throwing Weapons 2
Projectile Weapons 2
Firearms 2


Low-Light Eye Modifications


2 Sai (Concealment 5, Damage 5M, Weight 1kg each)
6 Shuriken (Concealment 8, Damage 4L, Weight .25kg each)
Leather Outfit (Impact rating 1, Weight 1kg)



Elektra was to be used as a contact for the player characters to get information in case they got lost. She also could appear at any given time to bail them out if they found themselves overwhelmed by their opponents.

Pic: Bouncing Boy

Here's the third of my Legion of Super-Heroes drawings. This one is of a character named Bouncing Boy. I have both black & white and color pics for him.

Friday, August 20, 2004

The Grind

A short piece today, as I'm getting ready for work. I get off around midnight tonight and have to be back at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Ack!
Oh, and I just found out that one of my taillights is out. Guess I'll be doing that tonight, as well...

Talk about weird things happening... I just discovered after working the last three weeks with this girl at one of my jobs that we were on a blind date together, about fifteen years ago!
We both kept having this strange, "don't I know you?" attitude. Matter of fact we made friends pretty easily.
Now it all seems weird. We laughed for over a minute because we couldn't believe we hadn't recognized each other. We only dated once, and had never talked since.

I'm slowly moving the content of my old website over here. I'll be bringing over some of my pages from my comic that I had posted online before going to print. And I'll be posting my role-playing game conversions that I'd made back when me and some friends were into Super-Hero and Cyberpunk RPGs. Hopefully I won't bore anyone here.

And thanks to those who have either posted comments or sent me e-mail. It's great to hear from you.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

MP3: Siouxsie and the Banshees

It wasn't my intention to do another "Goth"-type band this week, however it's not sure how long these tracks will be online. So here we go.

I remember being introduced to Siouxsie and the Banshees on MTV's 120 Minutes, a two-hour (120 minutes, duh) video show spotlighting alternative rock.

I found through another blog, EmptyFree.com, a link to MP3s of live Siousxie and the Banshees performances.

I reccomend the "Festival, Reading, 8.28.93" set, as it has a real good quality sound and features most of their better known (mainstream) songs.

You can find the MP3s here.

X-Box, Anyone?

I just got me a second job working at a video game store and I'm considering getting me a console to play my free game rentals on.

After much deciding, I finally settled on X-Box.

I haven't owned a console in several years. I've been pc-only as far as games go for quite a while. PC Games I've played and enjoyed: Star Wars Galaxies (still playing), Anarchy Online, Neocron, Earth & Beyond, Mafia, No One Lives Forever, Rainbow Six, Diablo, Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights, Deus Ex, Doom, UnReal, Red Faction, B-Hunter, G-Police, Omnikron, Homeworld, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II.

Some of the games I played on Playstation I and Dreamcast, prior to my pc devotion...
Metal Gear Solid, Ghost in the Shell, Crazy Taxi, Tomb Raider, Myst, Rainbow Six, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 7 (I was a big SquareSoft follower at the time).

And I played a lot of GoldenEye on a friend's N64.

I'm thinking about getting Splinter Cell as my first title. Either that or Hitman: Contracts. I really like mercenary-type games, as long as it has a lot of atmosphere.
Ghost in the Shell was the first game I played like that, and it left a big impression.

I'd love to get into a mech-type game, but I never know which one would be the best to sample first.

I was just watching G4TV and they had a piece on the next Splinter Cell. Looks real good. I still haven't played the first one, although I have a friend who played it on Playstation.

G4TV also gave a "best game" nod to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It looks nice, but way too many Jedis for me. I wouldn't want to be a Jedi. I'd rather be a bounty hunter or smuggler. Guess that's why I have Star Wars Galaxies...

This Week in Comics- 08/18/04

2000 AD #1400 (Rebellion)

Birds of Prey #72 (DC Comics)

“Between Dark and Dawn” continues in the fourth of six biweekly issues! Vixen and Huntress fight their way to a faceoff with Sovereign Brusaw, Canary races through Gotham trying to prevent a series of cult-inspired suicides…and you won’t believe who Oracle’s about to fight!

Daredevil #63 (Marvel Comics)

"The Widow," Part 3 (of 4)
With the Black Widow back in Matt Murdock's life, Daredevil finds he now has two targets on his head. And a brutal new enemy...Quinn.

Manhunter #1 (DC Comics)

Kate Spencer is a top federal prosecutor, one of the best lawyers in L.A., and the most driven woman alive. The prosecution of super-villains is her life’s work — and the fact that they never go away for good has begun to torment her. When a case she’s lost leads to the murder of innocents, Kate makes her move — a move that shocks her more than anyone.

Breaking the laws she’s upheld for so long, Kate raids an evidence locker of confiscated metahuman weaponry. Raging into the night, tracking the perp who’s eluded justice in the courts, she delivers a long-overdue eye for an eye! She’s found her true calling. She is the Manhunter. And she likes it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Fanfic: Moon Knight - Night of the Demon, Chapter One: Night Cry

The Moon Knight is familiar with New York at night. The way things change when the sun goes down and the moon comes up. The moon calls him out to protect the city. Or actually Khonshu, the Taker of Vengeance moon god, does the calling.

It seems weird this time of year, he thinks to himself. Halloween tends to give an open invitation to all the freaks and loonies out there to cause terror and loot the unaware. But tonight's different. Aside from a gang fight that he broke up about an hour ago, nothing else has happened. Of course with the moon now beginning its waxing phase, his strength is at its lowest. He doesn't really care to involve himself in anything tonight.

It's nights like this that make him wonder. Wonder what is out there brewing. It's like there's a force of despair and darkness in the city. And when he's out here on the street, it runs and hides. It waits in the shadows for him to leave, satisfied that the city is safe, before it strikes.

Sometimes he can't get himself to go and call it a night. He's afraid that the moment he turns to leave is when the evil force will rear its ugly head. But a man must sleep.

"Maybe it is about time for me to call Frenchy," he says to himself. Filling the empty streets with sound. "Marlene's probably out of candy by now."

He reaches for his mini-radio and begins to turn it on. He stops.

"No." he says, "It just doesn't feel right."

A chill runs up his spine as he ponders.

Suddenly, he hears something in the distance. It's coming towards him. Voices.

Hiding in the shadows of an alley, he waits.

The voices get louder and closer.

It's a woman's voice. It's followed by a man's voice. Then... laughter.

Relief settles in.

It's just a couple out on a stroll, he thinks.

He realizes how on edge he is and begins to call Frenchy. This time for real.

A scream!

Moon Knight puts the radio away and steps out into the dimly lit street.

Looking toward the direction from which the scream came, he sees the couple he had previously heard talking. The woman was squatting near the man who was now lying on the sidewalk. Behind her he made out the figure of another man running from the scene.

Stooping by the injured man, he asks the woman if she's all right.

"Yes," she replied. "I... I think so..."

"What's your name?"

"Anna. Is Eddie..."

"He's gonna be fine. Call the police and get him to a hospital. Hurry!"

Moon Knight runs off to find the one who had attacked them.

...to be continued...

Read the previous part here.

(Moon Knight is copyright 2004 Marvel Comics)

Monday, August 16, 2004

MP3: The Cure

One of my favorite bands from the late '80s, the Cure managed to create two of my most treasured CDs: Disintegration and Mixed Up. These two albums, along with Love and Rockets self-titled album and The Church's Starfish were probably the highlights of my post-modern punk rock days. And I still listen to them often.

Truly, if I could take cds with me when I die, these two would be at the top of my list.

Disintegration introduced the world to such songs as Love Song, Pictures of You, Fascination Street and Lullaby. Created as more of an art piece, with moody build-ups and atmospheric intros, Disintegration blew me away. Sample tracks here.

Mixed Up was their foray into the remix album trend. Theirs came out with all four of the aforementioned songs and several others. I never could decide which versions I liked best. So I naturally liked them all. Sample tracks here.

For your enjoyment here is the radio remix of Pictures of You. And a live version of Fascination Street. Both are from the Pictures of You maxi-single.

I understand that The Cure has made a comeback, along with a new album. I was reading in Rolling Stone that at a recent concert Smith seemed less than enthusiastic when doing the older tracks, but picked it up a bit when they did their new songs. I did read that halfway through Pictures of You the performance hit a high point, however.
I hope that things work out for them. The Cure led the way for many post-punk goth bands.

DC/2000 AD Trades for November 2004

Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Peter Doherty, Dean Ormston, Carlos Ezquerra, Chris Halls and Anthony Williams
Cover by Greg Staples

2000 A.D. Get ready for a thrilling action/horror story featuring the legendary Judge Dredd, written by Garth Ennis (PREACHER) with stellar art by Peter Doherty, Dean Ormston, Carlos Ezquerra, Chris Halls and Anthony Williams!

He is a nightmare that the Psi-Judges didn’t predict, and that even Judge Dredd cannot prevent. If his vile plan succeeds, the world will never be the same again. His name is Sabbat, he has the power to raise the dead…and he’s already here!

While Mega-City One fights for survival, Dredd must find and terminate Sabbat. But help is coming from an unexpected source — the future mutant bounty hunter and “Strontium Dog” Johnny Alpha, hot on the necromancer’s trail!

On sale Nov 3 :: 7.375" x 10.1875" :: B&W :: 160 pages :: $14.95 US

Written by Robbie Morrison
Art by Simon Fraser, Chris Weston, Charlie Adlard and Henry Flint
Cover by Fraser

2000 A.D. Russia, 2666 A.D.: Where a man can become a legend if he’s fool enough to stake his life on it. That man is Nikolai Dante — lover, rogue and thief, son of a pirate-queen and altogether too cool to kill!

Created by Robbie Morrison (BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS) and Simon Fraser (Lux & Alby), this collection features art by Chris Weston (THE FILTH), Charlie Adlard (THE ESTABLISHMENT) and Henry Flint (Judge Dredd/Aliens).
When chance leaves him working with the Tsar’s beautiful daughter Jena, Dante discovers his heritage — bio-bonding with the alien Weapons Crest, which grants him astonishing abilities. But with the new enemies he’s making — much less the family he never knew about — can Dante keep his head?

On sale Nov 17 :: 7.375" x 10.1875" :: B&W :: 192 pages :: $19.95 US MATURE READERS

DC/2000 AD Trades for September/October 2004
2000 AD Official Website
DC Comics

'Nuther World Comics

Well I just re-installed photoshop and converted a few logos from .bmp to .jpg so I can upload them here.

A little history:

'Nuther World Comics actually started when I was still in high school. It began with me and some friends of mine in art class. The first issue never got finished. My contribution was a private detective piece called "Mancuso". The rest of the book featured one-page gag jokes and a couple of pages of "real" art by classmates. Also in the first issue was a preview page of my next series "The Intruder", which was basically a chick with a big gun. Fortunately no one's seen it since high school.

Earlier last year, I began working on a revival of "Nuther World Comics". I started with a series called "Mis-Adventure!", which was heavily inspired by Love and Rockets and Madman. The first story that introduced the characters was a parody of the Doom Patrol, a popular comic book super-hero group from the '60s who's origins parralelled the X-Men's.

These pages began appearing on my old website as an online web-comic.

My biggest problem at the time was limiting my pages. "My Greatest Mis-Adventure!", that first story (the title was a play on the name of the comic that the Doom Patrol originally appeared in), was originally set to run ten pages. I kept adding so many pages to it that it ended up running sixteen! And I was so relieved when it was over. Not because I was tired of it, but because I had so many other things I wanted to do. And that story was lasting longer than I had expected.

All the bottling up of ideas, caused by the length of that piece led to me starting another series, called "Wizdom", which was to be a mysterious supernatural series, similar to Marvel's Dr. Strange, but with more of an alternative feel. One of the main characters actually made a cameo on the last page of "My Greatest Mis-Adventure!". Although I had all the pages of the first "Wizdom" story pencilled, I started to burn out and I never got around to inking them. (After re-reading my Moon Knight fanfic, I see a possible similarity between the Wizdom characters and the supporting cast I created for that story.)

I had a friend of mine show some interest in inking some stuff for me and I suggested the "Wizdom" story. And after he did, I started drawing some more for "Mis-Adventure!. I was back into it again.

The "Mis-Adventure!" stories and that "Wizdom" story ended up becoming 'Nuther World Comics #0, published just in time for Aggie Con 2003.

Meanwhile, I was working on another series behind the scenes. Looking at "Mis-Adventure!" and "Wizdom", they were okay, as long as I didn't compare them to "real" comics. My art had improved over the year, but it still wasn't something to be proud of. "The Extremists", the title I was working on outside my regular stuff, I had intended to be my best. More detail, more dramatic, more quality overall. But I continued working on my other series, too.

Soon I got burned out again. I was spending so much time studying anatomy and drawing static pics of models, that I was losing my inspiration. Then I came across a website where artists draw their own interpretations of established characters and post them in a gallery to show off beside each others' works. This excited me. So I immediately began drawing. This is where the Supergirl pic came from. I soon did pics of Green Lantern, Death, Juggernaut and many others.

Also at this time, I started to not ink my drawings. Maybe cause I was lazy, but mostly because it would take me so long I would not get half the drawings I wanted done. So I messed with my graphics program and found a way to darken my work to where it looks like it's inked, but it's not.

This led me to change my technique. Because I was doing away with inking, I could now draw more pages in less time. I did four more pages for a "Wizdom" story and a couple of pages added to some older material for "Mis-Adventure!". I even did two more pages for "The Extremists".

After I finished the four pages of the new "Mis-Adventure!" story and the first page of the "Wizdom" story, I started to not like my work. One thing I've learned as an artist is that you constantly go through these cycles of "this is my best work ever" and "everything I've ever done sucks". They lead back and forth between the two. It never ends.

But before long, I went back to inking.

"Wizdom" ended up taking the spotlight for 'Nuther World Comics #1, this time printed in time for Aggie Con 2004, with a complete full issue story.

I decided to go with Wizdom for the first issue because I had more plans for it. Mis-Adventure! was just sitting there, and The Extremists... well... I kept changing my mind on what the first mission was gonna be. However, I do know those pages I did of J'kara, one of the members, coming up out of the swamp will be part of it. Those were just too good to let go.

After I finished #1, however, I did see an improvement in my work. Especially in the anatomy department. And I know my writing was improving. If only for the fact that it was all laid out, beginning to end, before I started drawing. I even had subplots (oooooh). I did the main story and subplots seperate and then edited them in where I felt they were appropriate. The main story was ten pages long and the three subplot scenes were a total of four pages. That brought it to fourteen.

When I get around to #2 I'll be focusing on backgrounds. After I did #0, I felt anatomy was my weakest spot. After #1, I was thinking backrounds.
I do have a couple of establishing shots in the first few pages, which is the bare bones minimum to set up where they are... But as the story progressed, there was less background.

I know "Godboy", the story I'm drawing for someone else, has really pushed me as far as background rendering. I'll have to see if I survive it.

And if you've been to my old site, you might've seen a logo for Roxie Tiger. This one has been on the backburner but is rapidly getting my attention. But I can tell you that Roxie is a girl. And "Tiger" is a nickname. And at the moment, she's looking like a member of Bananarama...

My comics are the size of an 8x11 sheet of paper folded in half. In the industry, they're called "digest size". There's an even smaller size, called "mini-comic" equal to an 8x11 page folded into quarters.

'Nuther World Comics #0 only used about 80% of the available page space, because I was shrinking the art to a size that wasn't relative to the original. #1 was done at scale of the finished size so it looks a lot better.

If anybody out there's interested in getting copies of either #0 or #1, e-mail me and we'll work something out.

'Nuther World Comics- old site. Has pictures and more.
And here's an old interview from back when I first started doing the comics on the web. Interview by Spiritual Scream Productions.
('Nuther World Comics, characters and art copyright 2004 Lee Stone)

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Read 2000 AD Online

2000 AD's official website has free samples of several of their strips. Included are A.B.C. Warriors (1 story), Bradley (1 story), Daily Star Dredd (5 stories), Doctor Sin (1 story), Judge Anderson (1 story), Judge Dredd (6 stories), Nemesis the Warlock (1 story), One-off (3 stories), Rogue Trooper (1 story), Sinister Dexter (4 stories), Sláine (1 story), Strontium Dog (1 story), Tharg's Future Shocks (2 stories) and Tharg's Terror Tales (1 story). Check them all out here.

Also, the BBC has devoted a spot on their BBC Cult website to 2000 AD and British comics. You can read stories featuring Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, DR & Quinch, Rogue Trooper and Sinister Dexter. They also have for viewing the 2000 AD #0 test issue that was the prototype of the magazine. You can find all these goodies here.
They have a spot dedicated to the audio adventures of Judge Dredd, as well. Currently there's only one show available, but they mention more are coming soon. Go here to check those out.


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Pic: Blok

Here's the second of my Legion of Super-Heroes drawings. This one is of a character named Blok. I have both black & white and color pics for him.


A week has now gone by since I started this blog. I really don't know if anyone's reading this (other than a few friends that I keep forcing it on).

I'm about to re-install photoshop (something I have to do every time I re-format my computer), so I'm getting that much closer to working on my comic again. I've been tossing around ideas for 'Nuther World Comics #2. But first I need to finish work on another story, called "Godboy", that I'm doing for someone else. This job I have right now is really kicking my butt. But I'm sure once I get settled in I'll have more time to work on what I want to.

I just saw Alien Vs. Predator this week (look on this site for my review) and one of the trailers was for Shaun of the Dead, a whimsical take on zombie films. Turns out a zombie infestation breaks out in Britain and the only person who can stop it is this guy Shaun, who has a hangover and is more interested in getting his ex-girlfriend back. The trailer was hilarious. Can't wait to see it in September.

There was a show called Amp that used to play on MTV. I mentioned it previously in the Tori Amos post. At one time I had found a website that had listed all the episodes and the videos that were played on each. I've since lost it. If anyone knows where I can find it, shoot me an e-mail.

Also, there was a band on MP3.com, called Acidage. MP3.com has recently folded. I think it was bought out by c-net. If anyone knows where Acidage now keeps their music, let me know.

Many wonder how my fascination with cyberpunk came about. And you know? I can't really tell you. It just so happened that I was introduced to a lot of similar things around the same time. During this time I hadn't found my favorite genre yet. Blade Runner helped start it rolling. Then I found the Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020 games. And the radio shows "Hearts of Space" and "Musical Starstreams". All of these came to me at about the same time and left a lasting impression. MTV's Amp and Aeon Flux helped cement it in. And Bubblegum Crisis, Akira and Ghost in the Shell meant there was no turning back.
Then I found the chatsubo usenet group.
And then, after all this, I read the book that started it all- Neuromancer.
As science-fiction comes closer to being science-fact, cyberpunk is starting to take on new meanings. Some would say that cyberpunk is dead, since we've reached the plateau in real life that was first established in the early days of the genre. And I think they may be right. But the mindset, the original attitude of cyberpunk is still here.
Just about any story now days has a bit of technology involved. How can you tell if it's cyberpunk then? You can't. But after you read it or watch it, you'll know. Cyberpunk is more about attitude and the overall atmosphere.

Another genre that I took a liking to is pulp fiction. I'm not talking Quentin Tarantino here. I'm talking guys with guns and femme fatales. Mystery men fighting deadly criminals. Detectives searching for that elusive case-solving clue.
This also came to me at one big bang, as I found both the Shadow radio shows and the Shadow pulp stories on-line in my early days of internet. I also had found Doc Savage and the Avenger.
I then found a magazine, called "Pulp Adventures", and quickly subscribed.
And to help even more I discovered The Sandman Mystery Theatre from DC Comics. Serving stories in four-part segments, the book was for "mature readers", which meant it had no restraints. And because of that it allowed the creators to write some damn good stories.
I also came across a website that was devoted to bringing back pulp fiction as a marketable genre. It allowed new writers to submit stories to be shown on their website for free viewing. I read plenty of good stories there, as well.
And two of the best book compilations I own are "The Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction" and "Tough Guys and Dangerous Dames". Both books are huge and collect stories from old detective pulp magazines. If you see either of these, check them out.
When I did my Moon Knight fan-fiction, I fashioned it as a pulp story, with chapter breaks and cliffhangers. I even found a note from Lester Dent on how he came up with a "formula" for writing pulps. It did give me nudge in the right direction.

But I have to say one of favorite readings about someone else writing came from The Twilight Zone Companion.
In it we discover just how Rod Serling worked. And how obsessive he was over his show. It's great to read about other people being creative- Eavesdropping on them when they have that big "Aha!". And the Twilight Zone Companion gave me that feeling.
Now if I can just afford the dvds.

Friday, August 13, 2004

MP3: Indie Rock

I've been listening to a lot of indie rock and garage rock lately. Some of my favorites have been The White Stripes, Jet, The Vines, The Hives, The Strokes, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They all seem to be schooled by '60s rock and sound geat to me.

Jimmy the Exploder by The White Stripes gives a good example of their style. Minimalistic guitar work with a bluesy feel.

Last Night by The Strokes is a bit more playful, showing the lighter side of indie rock. It still has a bit of an edgy sound, though.

Miles Away by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a bit more punkish tune with a female singer.

Find more indie rock over at Epitonic.

Review: Alien vs. Predator


Just got home from watching the preview to Alien vs. Predator. I have to say that I expected less than what I got.
There are aliens aplenty and enough predators to get the job done. And then there's the humans. Those pesky humans. They just get in the way, don't they?

Well, I'm going to ruin the film for you now, unless you look away. So beware: spoilers follow.

It turns out that the predators have a kind of Ultimate Hunt Tournament every so-many-years (100 years from what I gather) in the middle of the Antarctic, and they send three contestants down to compete. The quarry is a controlled bred batch of aliens that are spawned just for the game. Meanwhile, in a cool Doom or Unreal fashion, the enclosed environment restructures itself every ten minutes, blocking passages and making new ones.

A perfect pasttime for the predators.

But then come the humans. Told you they were pesky.
Anyway, the humans not only hit the "on" switch prematurely, they also take the tournament weapons as archaeological finds. What were they thinking?
I mean... the writing's on the wall!

So what happens is that the aliens cease the moment and spring a breakout, killing whoever the predators left alive when they came to restore order to their contest.

From there on out it's another alien or predator movie... but with both. And people, too.

It's not hard to see who will be the survivor and Sanaa Lathan does a remarkable job showing strength and backbone while not over-doing it. She really went into this movie with the right attitude. While not exactly being as stern or butch as Sigourney Weaver was with Ripley, she doesn't play the role for laughs either. Definitely an actress worth watching. And the end of the movie had me wanting to see a match between her and Uma Thurman's character from Kill Bill.

And that last comment should clue you in to that there is a lot of action in this film. A lot. Sometimes the camera is too close to make out what's happening, but then when the camera pulls back it starts to weigh on the believablility. And not because of the graphics. The graphics in this movie are awesome. Matrix 2 and 3 could only wish to have been this seamless. No, the believability gets questioned when you see both an alien and a predator on the screen at the same time. It's something fanboys have been clamoring for for years. And there they are. Pinch me.

The cinematography was excellent, as well. It definitely felt like an Alien movie. And the location (pyramid in the Antarctic) served as a great means for isolating the cast and giving it the tension it needs.

I'm surprised there hasn't been anymore Predator movies but I'm glad we have this one. A great addition to both franchises.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

2000 AD #1402

A.B.C. Warriors - The Shadow Warriors: Book 2 (Part 3)
Bec & Kawl - Hell To Pay (Part 2)
Caballistics, Inc. - Creepshow (Part 2)
Judge Dredd - Big Deal at Drekk City (Part 3)
Strontium Dog - The Headly Foot Job (Part 3)

While you're at it, read A.B.C. Warriors - The Red Death (from 2000 AD #132-133) here.

2000 AD Official Website
DC Comics

Blade Runner Script

Here's two scripts for Blade Runner, one of the foundation movies of sci-fi:
The July 1980 script and the 1981 rewrite.
And here's a transcript of the actual theatrical release.
Read the Marvel Comics Adaptation of the movie here.

Movies you won't be seeing

I was surfing the web last night and came across three short films. Two are fan-made mock-trailers for movies not really coming out and one is a short feature.

Batman: Ded End is a short feature with Batman on a night out in Gotham. Directed by Sandy Corrola, supposedly this film was banned at the San Diego Comic Con. After viewing it, I couldn't figure out why.
World's Finest, also by Corrola, is a preview trailer featuring the same actor as Batman. And the actor playing Superman fits well, too. Here's an interview with Corrola.
And last we have Grayson, a trailer for a movie focusing on Robin after Batman is killed. This one, by John Fiorella, features plenty of guest stars. See if you can spot them all.

You can find other short films (mostly Star Wars related) over at FanFilms, hosted by theforce.net, as well as behind the scenes footage for the three films listed above.

MP3: Tori Amos

Armand's remix of Professional Widow was the first Tori Amos video that I remember seeing, itself being a mosaic of all of her videos up to that time. This was back when MTV had a video series, called "Amp", devoted to the then "thing", electronica. Amp was one of the main forces that got me into trip-hop, with musicians such as DJ Shadow, Morcheeba and Tricky being regularly played.

When I first saw the video for this song I was swept away by the abstract composition.
I would later see the video for Caught a Lite Sneeze (they played it one night as the last regular song before Amp came on). Caught a Lite Sneeze kept the same dreamy quality that was prevailant in Professional Widow and I was hooked.

Tori Amos is one of those few artists that sounds great in acoustic form and in electronic mixes. Much like Sarah McLachlan.

You can see the videos for both Professional Widow and Caught a Lite Sneeze over at Launch.com.
And the remix to Professional Widow was recently re-released on Tori's latest greatest hits album, Tales of a Librarian. Highly reccomended.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fanfic: Moon Knight - Night of the Demon, Prelude

I did this story back in 2000, when I was first thinking of doing my own comics. I had discovered fan-fiction and was going to sign up at one site to do a regular Dr. Strange series but never did.

I did, however, join a Yahoo RPG group and play Dr. Fate for a while, which gave me a chance to practice my writing.

I don't know why I never got into it again after this story. It was much more satisfying to me than most of the other projects I've done. And I will state for the record that I find writing much easier than drawing. Too bad writers don't have the same "check me out" appeal that artists have.

I'll be posting this in parts to both conserve space and to give it the pulpish feel that I tried to put into the story. When I was writing this I had been reading pulp fiction stories and listening to old Shadow radio shows. Lester Dent was a great help.

So here we go: Moon Knight - Night of the Demon


Halloween, 2000.

The night's cool breeze flows into the back room of an old storefront, gently touching the shoulders of a middle-aged woman sitting on the floor. In the middle of a chalked hexagram, she has placed several candles and books.

The air has a sense of foreboding. There seems to be an underlying tension that is invisible to the naked eye. But she can see it. She can feel it. Feel it all around her. It has been building up for years.

Her name is Florence Nightangel. Born Florence Williams, she renamed herself Nightangel (a play on Nightingale) after learning of her magical nature. She now runs this shop, selling and buying curious and strange things.


"Lady Florence?" a voice calls out from the front of the store. "Lady Florence, are you here?"

"Just a minute," she says as she scrambles to get up from her books and papers.

Stepping into the public room, she sees one of her regulars, Eddie Anderson, looking over some ancient books. They're not the really good ones. She keeps those locked away in the back.

"Hello, Eddie."

Eddie looks over to her, putting the Ancient Book of Mummification back into its proper slot in the shelf. "I was wondering if you were gonna be open late tonight. Seeing that it's Halloween and all."

Lady Florence smiles at him and says, "No, Eddie. I was just putting some stuff away and forgot to close up. You know how us kooky, old ladies can be..."

Eddie laughs. He never could understand how he came to admire this woman when everyone else he knows is so afraid of her. Some say she must have cast a spell on him, but he's positive that it's a genuine feeling of trust. He likes talking to her. He enjoys listening to her stories of weird and exciting things. Things that no one else would understand.

"Well, Eddie... Are you going out tonight?"

"Anna Jo wants to go to a party not far from here and I thought I'd come by for a few accessories."

A thought crosses Lady Florence's mind that maybe he had another, more impulsive, reason for coming by. Maybe he does have magical aptitude, or at least a sense of it. She has suspected as much.

"Feel free, Eddie. I wouldn't want to put a damper on your date."

Minutes later, Eddie is running off to enjoy the night in his own way.

After seeing him out, Florence locks the door, puts up the "closed" sign, turns out the lights and heads back to the back room.

"Now... Where was I?" She says to herself, as she returns to her position in the center of the hexagram.

She grabs a nearby book, entitled "Spirits of the Void".

"Oh... Yeah... That's it..."

"Halloween 2000, convention of the bodiless spirits."

...to be continued...

(Moon Knight is copyright 2004 Marvel Comics)

Pic: Supergirl

Since it doesn't take much effort to post pics, here's one of my first superhero drawings- Supergirl in her classic costume.
This was done before I got into Legion and started a series of drawings based on those characters.

Below is the colored version.